Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Toys, The Race and The Roundtable

Spent today working on my guest/toy room. As I said earlier it's taking me a lot longer to unpack everything and figure out where things are going. I seem to get a full steam and work for about two hours and then hit a wall or get frustrated that I just have to much stuff and I don't have a clue where everything is going on.

So I stop for a few hours until I get motivated again for a few hours until the same thing happens again.. it's a viscous cycle.  As my buddy Erik says.. you have to make a bigger mess to clean everything up and that's exactly what I am doing. There are plastic bins and boxes all over the apartment. Which again leads to adding to my frustration. But it's coming along, at least it's starting to look like a toy room.

Besides working on my toy room off and on today I also watched the season finale of The Amazing Race All Stars. I was rooting for two of the three teams so the odds were good that the team I disliked the most would not win and I'm happy to say that they did not win. Though I would have preferred the two country girls to win, I'm happy the dad and son team won, especially since the way they went out during the last race due to an injury. So another season is done.. I enjoyed this all star season. Most of the crappy teams were eliminated early on. I would say that this finale race in Vegas was kind of lack luster but other then that it was another fun season. Can't wait for the next one.

I finally started moving forward once again on my general "geek" podcast, The Geek Roundtable.. I've been wanting to this podcast for the past four years. I had this idea way back in 2010 with a different co-host and title but things never really moved forward. It saw the light of day a few years ago with a new co-host and title but once again life got in the way so nothing happened. Well I'm dusting it off once again, still with the same co-host and title. But now I'm determined to actually start recording in June and have my first episode out by July. I'm going to do it this time.. no more delay. Follow @Geek_Roundtable for more info about this new geeky podcast.

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