Sunday, August 31, 2014

Will's BBQ Party & The Tick

I'm continuing my "pix of day" until my 44th birthday. Today is day 21 of here I am at Age 21. This was the first time I had ever had a beer. Yes I was a good boy and didn't drink before turning 21, so on my 21st birthday I went to the super market and purchased a six pack of beer and to my disappointment the cashier did not ask for my driver license.

Today my buddy Will was having a Welcome to California/Happy 90th Birthday Grandpa/Labor Day BBQ. He invited some of his friends over to partake in the festivities. I picked up my buddies Jes and Dallas and then headed out to Rancho Palos Verdes. We arrived around 3pm and the party was in full swing.

Of course we had to say Happy Birthday to Will's grandfather, who was very sweet. We hung out a bit before jumping in the pool. My first jump in I managed to get water in my ear and couldn't get it out. I tried q tips, rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, but nothing was working.

We played the "toothpick" game. Everyone stands around the pool and one person puts a toothpick between their toes and then jumps in and releases the toothpick at the bottom of the pool. Once they are out everyone begins to search for the toothpick. If you see it you have to jump in and on your way down you have to try and grab the toothpick. If you miss you can't continue to try and grab it, you must get out and try again. This game was introduced to us last year by Will. We played for hours and hours.

In the evening we sat around and ate some tasty BBQ, chatted and played some Cards Against Humanity for a few hours before calling it a night. It was some fun times... though my ear is still plugged.

I came across this and was excited to hear the news " The much-loved TV version of The Tick was axed by Fox in its first season, after just nine episodes. Now, it looks like the Big Blue Bug of Justice is back! According to People, the show is being revived by Amazon – and Patrick Warburton will star! And original creator Ben Edlund will write and produce! SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!

Now nothing is set in stone and this may never go anywhere but the fact that news is making the rounds if pretty cool.. You can read more about this fantastic news HERE

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