Saturday, August 30, 2014

Family Picnic & More Doctor Who

Today was my Dad's side of the family's annual Labor Day BBQ picnic. I've gone to this every year since we found out that my Dad had a half brother nine years ago. It's great seeing this side of the family as we don't see them often enough.

This year I did alot of playing with my niece and nephew and the youngest son (13) of my cousin Darren, which makes him my first cousin, once removed (I think). Anyways his name is Luc and he is the sweetest kid. It's kids like Luc that make me want a son of my own. We had a lot of fun. We played hide and seek and a few round of horse shoes before getting into wrestling matches.

We then ate, this family likes to eat and there is always plenty of tasty food. We then played a few games of volleyball. We started out with the old vs the young, 40 was the cut off for the old so I fell into that category. After a few games we switched it up and one of the "old" (me) went to the young side and one of the "young" went to the old side. It was lots of fun.

I knew I would pay for all this activity (being sore) the next day but we were having a blast.

During the evening my friend Jes and Dallas came over to watch the second episode of the new Doctor Who. This episode title was "Into the Dalek". Overall I really enjoyed this episode, it wasn't action packed but instead made you think. It questioned weather the Doctor was a good man or not, it was about the Dalek, are they born bad or just programed that way. We actually go inside the Dalek (ala Fantastic Voyage).

We meet a new character, Danny Pink who is a fellow teacher at Clara's school.. he looks to be a possible love interest for Clara, I wonder if he'll join the Doctor for some adventures in the future.. guess will just have to wait and see.

Once again the Doctor did something that was very un-doctory, at least for previous incarnations. One of the army guys is surrounded by Dalek defensive droids and the doctor makes the guy eat something and you think it's going to save him but instead the droids kill him and the doctor says he was already dead and he used him so he could locate something within the Dalek. It was very cold-hearted and something that I'm going to have to get use to with is new Doctor.

And again at the end the main solider lady goes up to the Doctor and asks to go with him and he says no because she's an army person. At first when she asked I was thinking.. wow we're getting a new companion and they managed to keep that a secret but then he said no and my hopes were crushed.

I like Peter Calpaldi as the new Doctor, he's taking some getting use to. I'm really liking Clara with him, I think they are fleshing out her character a bit better with this doctor unlike they did with Matt Smith's doctor. We also got another scene with the "unknown" Missy. I look forward to episode three.

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