Monday, August 25, 2014

Midwife, Firefly & Who on the Big Screen

Spent the majority of the day going back and forth between editing my next Alien Nation Podcast and watching the rest of S3 of Call the Midwife. I only got about halfway done with my podcast but I did manage to watch all of S3 of Call the Midwife.

(SPOILERS) So many amazing and heart wrenching episodes from Jenny losing a man she was beginning to love to Chummy dealing with her mother and her eventual death. But the story that really hit me was about two young people with disablities Jacob, who has cerebral palsy, and Sally Harper, who has Down's Syndrome and is also pregnant. Both are put into an institution because they don't fit the "norm", and heaven forbid that they fall in love. It's a frustrating story but one that needed to be told. Both actors are disabled in real life and did an amazing job. Defiantly one of my favorite episodes from all three seasons.

Today is day 15 of my "pix a day" until my 44th birthday. So here I am at age 15.

Attention all Firefly Fans!!!! You might be interested in these two items... I know I am. They are going to release two games that will be Firefly themed. First is Yahtzee, I love Yahtzee and have played my entire life, I saw the sample game at comic con this year and it looks pretty awesome. I'd actually just display the ship/dice cup Serenity and use a regular cup to role the dice. I plan on picking this one up at some point.

The other game is one of my all time favorites and that's Clue. It's not a murder mystery like the original.. instead the story goes, River has been betrayed and handed over to the Alliance!  Help the Serenity crew discover who is working with the Alliance, what they used to betray River, and where on Serenity the kidnapping took place. Was it Inara with the Med Kit in the Engine Room? Or Mal with the Leather Necklace in the passenger dorm?  Solve the mystery and save River!

This was an insta-buy for me. I immediately went online and found the cheapest place selling it ( $27.99) and pre-ordered it. I can't wait to get this and play with my friends.

During the evening my buddy Doug had an extra ticket to the Doctor Who screening of the premiere episode of the new season. They were playing it one night at the movie theaters. Of course I couldn't say no..  I mean it's Who on the big screen and it's free. So we meet up with Angelique & her boyfriend Nic... along with Robert and Cait and made out way into the theater. 

They had a special "Theater" only pre-episode scene. It was Strax doing his "blog" about how the Doctor changes over the years and goes through each Doctor. It was pretty hilarious. We then watched the episode (my second time), which I enjoyed once again (you can read my blog post about my thoughts on the episode HERE.) And then we got a 15 minute behind the scenes clip from that episode. It was a good time and it was awesome to watch Doctor Who on the big screen but even better was watching it with a theater full of Whovians.. that was pretty epic!!

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