Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Outlander & Fun Foods

Another birthday pix until my 44th Birthday. It's Day 17 so here I am at Age 17. I still can't get over how much hair I had back then.. man do I miss it.

Today I watched a new series on Starz called Outlander. I've heard bits and pieces about this series, it had a fairly heavy presence at SDCC, but other then the concept I really didn't know much about it. So here's a brief synopsis; Outlander is a British-American television drama series based on the Outlander novels by Diana Gabaldon. In 1945, married World War II nurse Claire Beauchamp Randall finds herself transported back to Scotland in 1743, where she finds civil war and the dashing Scottish warrior Jamie Fraser.

This series was created by Ronald D. Moore who helped create some of my all time favorite Scifi TV including Star Trek TNG, VOY & ENT as well as the re-imagined Battlestar Galatica. 

So I watched the first three episodes (and only episodes that have aired so far). From the first episode I was hooked and after three of them I'm addicted. I mean the story is interesting but the setting/landscape is amazing and the music is the best. Those two things alone make this series well worth watching but as I mentioned the storyline is very interesting and compelling. I love the accents thou some of them can be tough to understand at times. I love how authentic this series is as a third of the conversations are in Scottish and they don't do subtitles.

We know that she won't be getting back home anytime soon (or I assume this) so it's going to be interesting to see where the story goes once she stops trying to get home. I enjoy the main actress, she's this strong willed women, which isn't good for 1743 but she doesn't care. There is also one main guy/ future love interest? that seems to be her protector. There are several characters that are very gray and I have no idea if they are good/bad or indifferent. As I said I've only seen up to Ep 3 so it's still very early on in the story and character development. But each hour long (45 minutes with commercials) episodes fly by. I can't wait to see where this series goes.

And Starz just announced that they are picking up the series for 2nd season... so yay!!! If you get a chance to watch this series and you like period pieces mixed with a bit of fantasy and time travel then this series is for you. I'm enjoying it so much so that I have going to get the eight books (so far) on audio and take a listen.

The last thing I want to share with you guys is this great video of people trying "interesting" Asian foods. Some of their reactions are hysterical. It also turned on a light bulb in my brain and gave me this great idea for my own videos (more on that as it develops). Anyways check it out the video below if you want a good laugh.

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