Tuesday, August 26, 2014

More ALS Videos, Age 16 Pix & Haters

First I want to share two ALS videos that I really enjoyed. First is Henry Cavill (aka Superman) and Amy Adams (aka Lois Lane). The did it together while on the set of the next Superman movie.. how awesome is that. And Henry took it like Superman getting drenched multiple times.

And the second one comes from Homer Simpson. I think it's fantastic that the animated team behind the Simpsons did this.

It's Day 16 of my "pix a day" until my 44th Birthday. So here I am at Age 16.

I was attending my aunt Joyce's wedding in this picture. I use to brush my hair up and wear it like a crown around my head. I'd go though a can of aqunet hair spray every few days.

I live by this motto!!
And finally I want to share a "quote" that I found online.

One of my biggest pet peeves are people who complain about everything. Nothing seems to make them happy. And even worse are those who have never read/saw what they are complaining about.

I very rarely complain about a TV show or movie, instead I find what I did like about it and that's what I promote. So when I saw this quote it really spoke to me.

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