Friday, August 29, 2014

Griffith Observatory, Moving a Friend & Who

My buddy Chris arrived last night and crashed at my place, so this morning we headed out and met up with our friend Jes at a local cafe for some tasty breakfast.

In the afternoon Jes, Chris, Rupert and I headed to Griffith Observatory. We were joined by our friend Steve who arrived separately. I was the only one who had ever been to the Observatory and that was when I was in my early teens for a school field trip.

The Observatory is free (which is great). Parking is a difficult but not impossible. It's a great place to take kids who are into the sciences, especially Earth science. My favorite room is the planet room where you can read about all the different planets in our solar system but the really cool part is where you can weight yourself and see what you would weight on other planet.

They also have shows every half hour or so in the large sky dome auditorium (which cost money, $7 for adults). We watched "Centered in the Universe". It was very cool and informative. Our presenter had this very relaxing and kind of sultry voice.. her voice was very mesmerizing.

After the Observatory we grabbed a late lunch at The Counter.

We then dropped Jes off at her place while Steve, Rupert and Chris crashed at mine for a few hours where we played some Yahtzee.

In the evening Steve, Chris and I headed over to our friend Becca's place. She was moving the next day but wanted to get a head started and move the little things over tonight. So the three of us helped Becca with her move. We loaded up our two cars and was done within an hour.
Back at my place we were joined by Jes and Dallas and the five of us watched episode one of the new Doctor Who. (Jes first time seeing it).

Afterwards everyone left including Chris who decided to crash at his friend Haley's place for the rest of his visit. 

It was a good day of fun and friends.

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