Monday, October 20, 2014

From Good to Bad in 30 Seconds

I'm so excited... I could barely sleep last night... today is my first day at my new job out in Santa Monica. I'm working as post production supervisor for a new pilot for CNN. I start at 1pm and will work until 10ish as we are getting our first footage in tonight. My regular schedule will be 10am to 7pm or there abouts.

Just before I left for work I got a call from my Doctor's office, I had gone for a full physical back in September and have been waiting for my results from all the testing. Well my doctors PA finally got back to me and though 99% of the tests were great there was one major issue. My A1C test, which test my sugar levels in the blood and it wasn't good.

Normal levels are 5.5 and below and if it's 6.5 or above you are diagnosed as being diabetic. Mine came back at 6.4, I barely came in under the "bad" number but what it means is that I have prediabetes. If I continue down this path I will most likely become diabetic within the next three months. Once you are diabetic you can never go back to not being diabetic. You can get your numbers down but you will always be diabetic and will have to control your blood sugar levels for the rest of your life.

I knew my eating habits were bad and that I have been gaining weight the past 10 years but I didn't realized how bad it was and how close I was to being diabetic. So I made an appointment with my doctor (well his PA) for tomorrow morning to go over my options and to discuss how we were going to prevent this from going any further. I'll keep you guys posted on my progress.

So it was a rough start to my day but I put it behind me and headed into to work. Even though I have been out of work for over a year and a half it was like no time had passed. I jumped back in with both feet and got started. I didn't have my laptop yet so I tried to do as much of my work as I could on my iPad. I should be getting my computer tomorrow. But overall it was a great day. I only met two people in the office as everyone else was out on a shoot but this looks to be like a fun group to work with.  It's good to be working again.

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