Thursday, October 23, 2014

Scorpion & Visiting Friend

So I had some time before work today (benefit of going in at 10am) so I watched the latest episode of one of my favorite new series Scorpion. It was S1 Ep5 "Plutonium Is Forever" A nuclear reactor at a Los Angeles power plant with an out-of-date system nears a cataclysmic meltdown. Walter must enlist the help of genius Mark Collins, a former troubled team member who brought him "down the rabbit hole", what he calls a dissociative state of intelligent thought years ago that almost jeopardized Scorpion.

Another amazing episode, I'm really liking the character developments. Some are saying that it's a bit to mushy/lovey dovey but I actually like that aspect of the series. All these characters really care and like each other. There were all so alone until they found one another. Maybe it's because this is how I felt until I found my current group of friends. The stories are fun, entertaining and suspenseful. I mean you know none of the main characters are going to die but still they are fun. I'm liking that they are slowly building some possible romantic relationships. I'm super happy that it's doing so well in the ratings that it looks like it will be picked up for a full season. Here's hoping for it's continued success so we can get plenty more Scorpion.

Super excited for this.. in the evening I went to pick up my buddy Erik who is visiting me for an extended weekend, but travel didn't go as planned, his connecting flight out of Salt Lake City was having mechanical issues and there was a long delay. They weren't even sure if it was going to take off so he booked another flight. So instead of flying into Burbank (about 10 minutes from my place) he had to fly into Long Beach (which is about 45 minutes from my work). And it gets worse.. he arrived in Long Beach and found out that his luggage did not, though he was assured that it was on his new flight. After giving his info so they could deliver his luggage to my place tomorrow we finally made it back to my place an hour after his original flight was to land. Not a great way to start his short vacation but hopefully it can only get better from here on out.

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