Saturday, October 25, 2014

D&D Masquerade Murder Mystery Party

I totally forgot to mention this in yesterdays blog post but last night my buddy Dallas came over to my place so I could shave his head.. well it's actually called a Tonsure (aka the Friar Tuck look). I had never shaved anyone's head before other then my own and certainly not in this fashion. Friend Erik and Brett were there to cheer me on and in the end I think it turned out pretty cool. BTW he was doing it for today blog topic.

Okay.. now for today's blog post...

Today is a super duper D&D Pathfinder session. Today is Will's "Ginneon" session but Dallas has planned something extremely special.. We are actually doing a Masquerade murder mystery party/D&D session. Everyone is dressing up as their D&D character and there will be over 20 guests also participating, including my buddy Erik.

So we headed over to Will's place (this is where it's happening) and helped Dallas and others prep the area. Dallas went all out and is decorating the apartment from top to bottom. By the time we are done it will look like the inside of a castle.

We spent a few hours there before heading to lunch and then over to Michael's craft store to pick up some white masks and paints for tonight. Erik and I got back to my place and began painting our masks. It took alot longer then expected but I'm happy with the final results.

photo courtesy of Jes
We then got into costume, I wore my Hobbit outfit along with my feet and instead of my brown curly hair wig I had this white anime wig. Erik wore one of my Hobbit shirts.

We got to the session and we helped finish setting up. I'm not going to go into great detail about the event. All I will say is it was one of the best D&D/Pathfinder/Murder Mystery parties that I have ever been to. The food was fantastic (thanks the Jes), the ambiance was amazing (thanks to all who helped set up), the guests were wonderful and the storytelling/tasks were top notch (thanks to Dallas). I know Dallas was super worried about this event as there were alot of moving parts but from my perspective everything went off without a hitch and everyone had a blast.

We were up to about 1am and the party continued but Erik and I had a fun day planned for tomorrow so we called it a night and headed back to my place.

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  1. Hooray!!! Thank you Kenny for making it such an amazing day!