Sunday, October 26, 2014

Spending the Day with Erik

LA skyline is back there somewhere.
So today was all about Erik and I. He came down partly to be part of the Murder Mystery Masquerade party but also he wanted to hang out with me. So today we spent the entire day together.

We started our day with breakfast at the NoHo Diner. We then watched some TV (that we normally watch over Skype together). We watched the latest Flash and Arrow episodes. Both were really good and it was fun to be able to watch them with Erik in person.

Afterwards we headed to Pasadena and walked around downtown for an hour before stopping at the Stone Brewing Company. Erik found several beers that are not available up north in Porland, so this made him very happy.

After Pasadena we headed over to Griffith Park to go hiking. I had planned to take him to the "old zoo" but it looked like they were setting up some sort of Halloween event and that section of the park was closed off. So instead we went on a longer hike but only got about half of it done as my "extra" pounds were working against me. It was still a nice hike and we were able to see the LA skyline and Griffith Observatory.

After the hike we headed back home so we could freshen up before heading out to dinner to a restaurant that I normally wouldn't have stepped foot in, Flemings. Luckily for us Erik works at the home off for this restaurant chain and has been there for years so he has a 75% off discount and thank goodness for that. When I opened the menu I almost fell over when I saw the prices. Everything is ala cart and the main dishes run from $30 to $70 dollars and then sides go for $10 to $20. For the two of us, and this was with out drinks as neither of us drank, so this was just the food it cost us $135 for dinner. But with his discount we paid much less.

Now the food was fantastic and the steak was some of the best I've ever had but it wasn't worth the $50 and the baked potato was amazing but again not worth $10. But regardless of the price it was a fun evening nonetheless.

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