Monday, October 27, 2014

Random Geek Question: Middle Earth

This morning I dropped Erik off at the Burbank airport as his extended weekend trip has come to an end. Had a great time hanging out with him, even if it was just for a few short days. Hopefully the next time we hang out I'll be visiting him up on Portland.

Headed into work to start my second week on the job. Things are moving along as well as they do in post. We've hired our 2 editors and I have a great assistant editor so my crew is set. Now we just need to finish shooting the show so we can get it edited together.

I posed a Random Geek Question on Twitter and Facebook today; Which Middle Earth creature would you be, an Elf, Hobbit, Orc, Human, Maiar, Wizard, Troll, Ent or other and why?

I guess the question can be taken several ways.. am I asking which creature are you (currently) if you had to pick one to fit your personality and lifestyle.  Or you can read it as.. if you had a choice which character would you want to be (which was my true intent). Either way I got alot of responses.

From Facebook:

Annalise Rose - I want to be a hobbit but they don't often like to travel and have adventures so maybe an elf.

Cait Shull - Humans seem to get a pretty raw deal. There's something sort of romantic about Gondor or Rohan, but when it comes to the reality of it, people seem pretty miserable. Gotta go with Hobbit. No responsibilities beyond keeping your house and home, unless you're Frodo, Bilbo or another Hobbit who volunteers for a task. So I wouldn't *have* to be confined to my home. And the area I'd live in looks peaceful, fertile and prosperous.

Erik Nelson - I'm actually going with Dwarf. I like all the meals and ales, but adventure to go with it!

Christopher Setts - Dwarfs rule and Elfs drool! Although if someone allowed me to be a Maiar or Wizard I wouldn't say no.

Will Gatlin - Maiar would be awesome - but who even knows what it would be like to be inside of their ancient, eternal space brains? I'd probably go with elf - but more of a book elf than a movie elf. The movie elves seem serene, stern, and joyless. The elves in the books like to dance and sing a lot more. They sound like fun. I'd also be cool with being one of the Dúnedain.

Jack Alvino - Wizzzzzaaaaahhhdddddd!!!!!

Christopher Quilty - Gotta go with a coin toss between elf and wizard. Both have special abilities, and live in fabulous places. But the Wizards do seem to get around more... (And into more trouble)

Ripley Adams - Hobbit. Their way of life is the most alluring to me; peaceful, playful, companionable.

Tim Gin - I think I'd be pretty suited to be either Hobbit or Ent. Wizard would be pretty cool though.

From Twitter:

@TheRobZone - Human. We're adaptable and resilient.

@Josh_TolkienFan - I’d have to agree…as much as I’d also like to be an elf or hobbit, final answer— same as Rob

@BelRand - I want to be Sauron. That playah metal as hell, yo!
@Aradinsc - In that case definitely either one of the Istari or a Númenórean as Gandalf and Aragorn were my favourite characters @GrrAargh - Yes, Id be an average hobbit. Staying at home, eating.

@mattalexbrown - Realistically, I'd say a Hobbit, but I can dream of how cool it would be to be a dragon. Just because... dragons! @Ruvio - Ent. I like the forest.

@KayleeTonks - Realistically, I'm a hobbit. Short, fat, likes to eat. Ideally, I'd want to be an elf. Tall, beautiful, athletic, graceful.

As for me if you know me at all you know I'm going to pick Hobbit. To live a life in a peaceful and beautiful place. All you have to worry about it taking care of your gardens & your community, eating good food, drinking and smoking good pipeweed (which I would not partake in). Seems like the ideal life. And if you feel like a bit of adventure there is nothing stopping you from walking out your front door.

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