Thursday, October 30, 2014

Getting Healthy Is Hard

Nothing really going on in my geeky world today.

I'm struggling with my new eating habits. I'm trying to do my best but feel like I'm failing at times. Being at home is simple as I don't have a lot of the "bad foods" in my house, but it's when I'm working and trying not to go out for lunch... fast food is my downfall. I could give up sweets and snacks easily enough but fast food.. that's the toughie. But I know in time things will eventually change.

I have not had any sweets, snacks or candy for the past two weeks. But today while on my lunch I was in the lunch room where there is a ton of candy, chips and other tasty snacks and I had a mini three musketeer and a mini kit kat. I could have eaten so much more but I resisted and only allowed myself that small taste and I was okay with that.

I've told myself at the beginning of this that I won't deprive myself of anything, as what would be the point of living if you can't enjoy your life. But I do know that I was a bit excessive when it came to eating poorly (fast foods, snacks, etc...). I will still have my occasional french fries or candy bar but instead of it being a daily/weekly thing it will be more of a monthly thing.

Besides my diet I have committed myself to getting up at 7am and going for a walk/jog for at least 30 minute every single day (weekends included) around the Noho park. It's really a nice way to start my day.

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