Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Disneyland & Minions

Today I went to Disneyland to hang out with Lisa and Lydia who started their Disney adventure yesterday. Today is also Lydia's birthday and I wanted to celebrate this special day with her at the happiest place on Earth.

The three of us had a blast, the park was packed being the day before Thanksgiving but we did manage to do both Disneyland and Disney California Adventures. It was fun to experience the parks through Lisa's eye as she had never been here before. It was a long day of walking around but we ended our day by watching the Aladdin stage play (which is always amazing). As I said that ended my day but not theirs. They were staying at a local hotel so they went back to Disneyland while I made my way out to my brother's house were I'd be spending Thanksgiving tomorrow.

One geek thing I want to share with you guys.. I had no idea they were even making this movie so this trailer came as a complete surprise but I have say I love it!!

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