Saturday, November 29, 2014

Man Fabric, Clockwork Couture & the TARDIS

Was up early today as Lisa wanted to visit the Garment district in downtown Los Angeles. I have been to a few of the districts like Jewelry & Flower but never the Garment/Fashion district so I enlisted my friend Jes, who goes down there many times a month. As I said we were up early and on the redline (subway). Once in downtown we had to walk about 20 minutes or so to get to the district. Once there Lisa was in heaven. And I have to admit I never seen so many different kinds so fabric and colors. We spent several hours walking around checking out Jes' favorite stores. I even managed to find a "fun" print that I purchased a few yards of so I could make a pillow case out of. It was a fun experience.

Afterwards Lisa, Lydia, Jes and I met up with Dallas and had lunch in NoHo. Jes headed home while the others went to a local "thrift" store, but it's not like your regular thrift store. This store sales clothes that were used in movies and TV. It's called "That's a Wrap". This was my first time here and I have to say the clothes were nice but were still a bit pricey. I don't think any of use purchased anything. While there Lisa's friend Amy joined us.

We then headed over to my friend Donna's store Clockwork Couture. It's a steampunk inspired type store and it's pretty awesome. If you're a fan of the Guild, Donna and Clockwork Couture is the place that supplied us with all the steampunk items and clothes for Season five. Besides the steampunk stuff they also have a TARDIS and a Dalek from Doctor Who that you can take pictures with. It was a fun visit.

Afterwards Lisa headed off to Griffith Observatory with her friend Amy while the rest of us went home to crash. Another fun but tiring day.

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