Wednesday, December 17, 2014

More Screeners, Downton Abbey Rewatch & Babylon 5 Continues

First of all I got several more screeners today. Inherent Vice, which I have seen previews to and it doesn't look like my kind of movie but then my second screener was The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies... now this is my type of movie.

After my morning cardio I made the mistake of putting on Downton Abbey. I've been wanting to do a rewatch of the entire five seasons so I figured I'd be able to pop on the first season and kind of have it on in the background while I do stuff around the apartment... yeah it was a good theory but I spent the majority of the day with my butt on the couch getting sucked back into one of the best period piece drama that I've ever seen. I sat and watched all even episodes of the first season back to back to back.

During the evening I went over to my buddy Roberts place to watch some more Babylon 5. We finally getting to the end of season five, which is the last season of the series but then we have five TV movies to watch and a spin off series (if we choose).

We started our watch with S5 Ep18 "The Fall of Centauri Prime" Centauri Prime has been attacked, thousands have died. Londo finds out the truth, who masterminded the war, and why they allowed the attack on Centauri Prime to happen. Londo becomes Emperor, and has to act hostile to those he once called "friend." 

We knew this was coming from the "future" episode we saw, It's hard for me to feel pity for Londo. He made the bed he now lies in. I know he did what he did to the greater good of Centauri but look what it's done to his world. He will now have to live with what his actions caused. It's a very sad ending for his character. 

And then we watched S5 Ep19 "The Wheel of Fire" G'Kar returns to the station to find he has become a religious icon. Sheridan confronts Garibaldi about his drinking problems. Lyta is taken into custody for planning attacks on Psi Corps. Delenn collapses, and they find out she's pregnant. 

I was kind of disappointed in the Lyta character in this episode. I've always liked her but with that said I understand why she did what she did. Her "people" are being oppressed and used and she's doing everything she can do help them. I'm glad that Garibaldi was finally called out on his drinking and hopefully he can get his life back together. I've been waiting to hear about Sheridan and Delenn's baby as we know they have a son from that "future" episode that we saw. Not sure how I feel about Lyta and Garibaldi teaming up. This episode felt like they were wrapping up storylines.. the end is near.

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