Monday, January 26, 2015

Cleaning, Downton & a New Gotham

Not a whole lot going on today.. I pretty much have been doing the same thing everyday for the past week or so. I get up, go on my jog, look for work online, continue to do my "spring" cleaning, work on some aspect of podcasting and watch some TV.

Today while spring cleaning I put on season five of Downton Abbey. It's been airing on PBS here in the states and got me in the mood to watch it again so while I cleaned I watched all eight episodes and also the Christmas special. I can't get enough of that series.

During the evening I chatted with my buddy Erik and we watched S1 Ep13 of Gotham "Welcome Back, Jim Gordon". I was not digging this episode at first. It felt like all the characters reverted to their "older" versions of their characters. It was funny as I was telling Erik that we haven't seen Bruce or Kat in a while and sure enough they had a small b-story in this episode. But I will say about half way through this episode I really started enjoying it and by the end some big changes have been made. Will see if they hold but I really enjoyed where they were taking the story.

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