Thursday, January 29, 2015

Possible Work, NerdStrong and Minions

Finally some good news about a possible job. I talked to a friend of mine who runs a post house and he mentioned that he might have a post production coordinator position available at the end of February. Now post production coordinator is a step down from my usual post production supervisor job, which of course means about half the pay but it also means half the stress as I would be assisting the post super and everything wouldn't be on my shoulders. So less stress but also less money but since I'm struggling to find work and this would be solid work from March to July I'd take it.

Of course nothing is concrete, he'll know more mid February and of course I'll continue to look for any kind of post coordinator/ post supervisor work before then. It's my first job bite since that CNN pilot job ended back in November. Keep your fingers crossed for me :)

I made my appointment for my one on one with Andrew over at NerdStrong for next Tuesday. Once I complete that I can start taking classes. I'm super excited for this but also hesitant as I've never had a trainer and I know he's going to push me to my physical limits.

And one last thing.. There is this really fun Superbowl commercial staring my favorite little yellow guys... Minions. Check it out!!! 

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