Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fantastic 4 Trailer & Agent Carter Ep 4

So they released a teaser trailer for the new rebooted Fantastic Four movie. Now I know I'm not in the majority but I enjoyed the first two Fantastic Four movies and really couldn't understand why Fox would want to reboot this series already but then again I said they same thing about Sony rebooting Spiderman so soon after the first three movies came out. Anyways they released a trailer and I have to say it looks pretty good, it looks much darker then the original incarnation of this world.

It's funny because when the trailer came out there were strong options on both sides. Some enjoyed it (like me) and some just hated it, claimed that it showed nothing. First of all it's a teaser trailer, all it's suppose to do is peak your interest and make you want to see more.. and I think it did that. You may disagree and that's cool, just don't see the movie. For those who haven't seen the trailer yet here it is.

I think I've talked about this before on this blog but it's come up again recently. How long does something stay in the "spoiler" zone, an hour, a day, a week or none... it's a free for all.

Tonight I watched the latest episode of Agent Carter S1 Ep 4 "The Blitzkrieg Button" After learning that Brannis and the Leviathan attacker, Sasha Demidov, were supposed to have died during the Battle of Finow, Dooley travels to Germany to speak with the Nazi colonel who lead the opposing forces, and though he doesn't learn how Brannis and Demidov survived, Dooley does discover that their Russian forces were seemingly massacred before the Nazis even arrived. With Carter's only job to collect lunch orders, she meets up with Stark, who has secretly returned in the wake of his technology's discovery. Looking at photographs Carter takes of the weapons, he identifies one of them as the Blitzkrieg Button, which he claims can cause a permanent blackout throughout the city. However, a suspicious Carter opens the device to find a vial of Rogers' blood. Angry at Stark for lying to her, she hides the vial. The criminal who smuggled Stark into New York, but was scammed out of his money by Carter and Jarvis, follows Carter back to her apartment, but he is killed by her new neighbor Dottie Underwood.

Another fantastic episode. This series continues to impress. I'm so bummed that it's only eight episode long which means we are already halfway through it. It was great seeing Stark get punched by Peggy, he so deserved it. I like that Stark and Jarvis' relationship with Peggy are on the rocks after this lie. I liked that you thought the blonde haired German guy was the "bad" guy and about to attack when the sweet neighbor girl pulled out her ninja skills and twisted his head around snapping his neck... she a bit crazy. I kind of knew that she was a spy and moved in next door to Peggy to watch her. I assume she is also the one who killed Carter's womanizing co-worker.

It will be interesting to see how Jarvis gets Carter's trust back.. I don't think she'll make it easy but I hope they do mend fences as I really enjoy their chemistry. Oh I really LOVED the cameo by Stan "The Man" himself... nicely done.

This is one of a few current TV series that I count down the days to a new episode.. can't wait to see what's next, looks like the Howling Commandos are back... Woot!!!!

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