Monday, October 12, 2015

Downton Abbey S6 So Far...

Not much happening today in my life or the geek world so I decided to review the last few episodes of the final season of Downton Abbey. I've been watching them every Monday (as the air Sunday in the UK). This is the final season which makes me sad but I can't wait to see what happens next

First up is S6 Ep2 - The acid-tongued exchanges between Violet and Isobel over the hospital get sharper; Cora sides with Isobel. Mary chides Robert for offering Carson the servants' hall for his wedding reception, and offers upstairs instead; Mrs Hughes insists on a separate venue, which leads to friction between the couple. Thomas looks for another job; he thinks it's clear that people are avoiding him, and want him gone. Edith argues vehemently with Mr Skinner, the publisher of her magazine, who dislikes all her ideas. Mary takes Anna to a Harley Street doctor, who proposes an operation during her next pregnancy. Mary arranges for the pigs to be entered in the local livestock show, but unwisely takes Marigold when she goes to inspect them on the farm, which upsets Mrs Drewe tremendously. During the show, she kidnaps Marigold and takes her home; her husband persuades her to give her back, and decides it would be best if they moved away. Robert is distressed, because of their long and loyal service, but reluctantly agrees.

Another good episode, it's great to have this series back. I don't know how this fight between Violet and Isobel will end. They started off not really liking each other but then became companions for each other I'd hate to see all that gone. I use to love Carson but he's starting to get on my nerves, he's so loyal to the Crawley family that he's not listening to the women he supposedly loves. But with that said Mrs Hughes really needs to find her backbone and lay down the law with Mr. Carson. I'm happy to see Edith's continue to grow into a really strong woman. I just want Anna and Bates to be happy for once, hopefully after this episodes things will be on the upswing. Mrs Drewe taking little Marigold was to be expected but I'm glad this storyline has come to an end.. though I do feel bad for Mr. Drewe. He was just being a nice guy and it all fell apart for him. And lastly Thomas, they have slowly been making him a more likable character. I feel bad for him because he's extremely lonely and I couldn't imagine being a gay man during those times. I don't forgive him for all the bad things he has done in the past but I do wish he could find someone to love and who would love him back.

The following week I watched S6 Ep3 - Cora, told by Mrs Patmore that Mrs Hughes is unhappy with having her wedding breakfast in the hall, forces a meeting with the family so that Mrs Hughes can explain, and supports her, so Carson gives in. Violet tries to get Robert to support her view on the hospital merger; at a meeting of the Board things get nasty, and Isobel is annoyed enough to be rude to Dr Clarkson. Edith has more arguments with the publisher of her magazine, and he walks out. Fortunately, she meets an old acquaintance, Bertie Pelham, who helps her produce the next issue. Anna is pregnant, so Mary plans to take her to the doctor in three months' time. Thomas travels to be interviewed by an eccentric widower, Sir Michael Reresby in decrepit Dryden Park, but declines the position. Violet's butler, Spratt, is behaving strangely, which catches Denker's attention. When Sergeant Willis reveals that Spratt's nephew has escaped from prison, Denker is sure that Spratt has helped him, and can now hold that over him. Daisy hopes that Mr Mason can take over the Drewes' farm, but jumps the gun in believing that Cora has already arranged it. Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes are married in the church. At the wedding breakfast in the village school, Tom Branson and his daughter arrive unexpectedly from Boston; he announces he feels Downton is his home, and wants to stay.

So much happens in 45 minutes.. glad to see Mrs Hughes find our back bone and set Carson and Mary straight. Glad to see Bertie back in Edith's life. I liked him the last time we saw him during last years Christmas special and I felt the spark between he and Edith. I hope Edith can find some happiness with him.. will have to wait and see. Again bad luck for Thomas.. poor guy (never thought I would say that about that character). Don't really care about the Spratt and Denker storyline and Daisy needs to chill for a moment. I like the idea of Mr. Mason taking on the Drewes farm but shes jumping the gun. I enjoyed Mr. Carson and Mrs Hughes wedding and it was great seeing the return of Tom and Sybil. Overall another enjoyable episode.

And finally last nights episode, S6 Ep4 - Lady Shackleton visits with her nephew Henry Talbot, a racing car driver and another old friend of Mary's. Violet wants her support in the dispute over the hospital, and explains that her reason for opposing the merger is her resentment at the government taking over more and more things instead of leaving it to the locals, which rather mollifies Isobel. Lady Rosamund also visits, and is visited by Mr and Mrs Harding in connection with a women's college of which she is a trustee. Mrs Harding turns out to be Gwen, the former housemaid who left to better herself; the family are pleased for her. Sergeant Willis asks Miss Baxter to testify against the man with whom she was involved when she stole from a previous employer; she is afraid, but Molesley encourages her, and she agrees. Daisy is upset when she learns that Mr Mason is unlikely to get Yew Tree Farm, and prepares to angrily confront Cora, but she has persuaded Robert and Mary to let him have the farm, which fortunately Daisy learns before risking her job by being rude. Anna has pains, and is rushed to London by Mary, where the doctor performs the promised operation and saves the baby. Once home, Bates has guessed the problem, and is delighted Anna is pregnant. Robert keeps getting twinges of pain, but insists it's nothing. Mary meets Henry in London, and tells him that his making a pass won't work. Mr Carson and his wife, still to be known as Mrs Hughes, arrive back from their Scarborough honeymoon and move into a cottage. Edith announces she plans to appoint a woman editor to her magazine.

Glad to see Mr. Talbot back in Mary's life.. I knew we'd be seeing him again. Glad Anna is pregnant but with their luck it won't be easy. Not really caring about this whole Hospital storyline, I mean it's great seeing Cora really take on Violet. It was great seeing Gwen again, so glad to see what has happen to her. Thomas is back stepping once again, Daisy crosses the line and I really did want her to get dismissed (she's been really annoying this season). Again great to see Edith taking charge and making changes at the paper.

So four episodes have aired for this final season of 8 episodes (and the Christmas special) and I don't feel like they are tying up any of the storylines. There are alot of storylines that need to end and I hope they take the time to properly address all of them, guess will have to wait and see.

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