Tuesday, October 13, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Push Ups and Planks

Today's DEX workout was a good one. For the "Build" we started with an Agility Ladder, this is fun when I'm coordinated, this morning I was not and I just couldn't get down a certain move and looked like an idiot hopping around the ladder. The rest of the warm up had to do with the arms and shoulders, arm circle, shoulder stretch and tricep stretch.

For the "Proficiency" part of the workout it was all about Push Ups. I'm happy to say that I enjoy push ups and I am pretty good at them. But these push ups were a bit different as we had to do 3 rounds of 5 sets of "Banded" Push Ups. So we grabbed a band and wrapped it around our shoulders and our hands and proceeded to do push ups with the extra resistant going up as well as keeping your form.

The "Quest" is next and this was 3 rounds of 10x Ring Rows and then :30 seconds of Backward/Forward Lean Planks. We then rested for a minute or two and then did 3 rounds of 20 Deficient Push Ups and then the last one you hold in a High Plank for one minute. A deficient push up is doing a push up but instead of having your hands on the ground you raise them (with weight plates) and drop below your hands. First round was find but it started to get a bit spicy on the second round and by the third my arms were dying.

And for final workout, "The Battle" we teamed up with a partner and did 3 rounds of 20x Alt Mace Ballistics and 20x Alt Mace Lunges. While you did the mace work your partner a weighted plate and held it overhead.Not a difficult "battle" but a good one.

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