Sunday, October 11, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Leg Day!!

Today Coach Christy created this "Leg" Day workout. It looks fun on the board but man was it tough.

We started with a 230 meter Indian run and then 10x Air Squats, 6x Cossack Stretch (each side), 20x Shrugs and then a nice Shoulder Stretch and that was just the warm up.

For the workout we had to do 3 rounds of Rowing, Scissor Kicks, Jump Squats, Hanging Leg Lifts and Wall Balls. We did each station for two minutes straight with 1 minute of rest/transaction to the next station. We teamed up into groups of three, I was teamed with Josh and Jess. We started with Wall Balls as I knew it was gonna be tough doing 2 minutes of them and I wanted to get them out of the way early on. After Wall Balls we moved on to Rowing and after all the rowing we have done doing two minutes isn't that bad as long as you pace yourself. Next was Scissor Kicks, which I thought were gonna be the worse but I was wrong the worst was Jump Squats. The first minute was fine but soon we had to break them down in doing five of them and then resting a few seconds and then doing five more and so on. We finished the round with Hanging Leg Lifts which aren't that bad.

The second round went pretty much the same as the first but the third row was horrible. Doing two minutes of Wall Balls for a third time was difficult but we just did a few at a time and rested a lot more. Rowing wasn't bad though our pace was a bit slower then the previous two times. Scissor Kicks were horrible but they are always horrible. But what surprised me was the Jump Squats, after doing a minutes worth my upper legs were done. They physically gave out on me and there were a few times when I though I was just going to collapse. I've never experienced any body part that had just stopped working. My brain was sending signals to my legs to squat but my legs were not accepting the signals. I did manage to finish them off but it was a struggle. We finished this workout with the final Hanging Leg Lifts and the three rounds were over... thankfully. I know I'll be feeling this workout for days to come.

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