Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Geekie Awards

Tonight I attended the third annual Geekie Awards. The Geekie Awards is an award show by geeks for geeks, aimed at putting the true geek culture in the spotlight as a collection of valid, respected, award-winning genres for storytelling and creation. In an industry filled with award shows for established celebrities, we honor talented, independent creators and give them the opportunity to receive recognition in front of a worldwide audience and leaders in their respective industries. We inspire creativity and hope and foster cross-market innovation. Our mission is to create a fun, action-packed, unforgettable broadcast event tailored to all of the things we geeks love: entertainment, gaming, products and art—delivered via the latest digital technologies.

I have been a judge since the very first Geekie Awards in the category "Podcasts". As one of the perks of being a judge I was given a 2 tickets to this years event. I asked my friend Lauren if she wanted to join me and she was more then happy to. She suggest that we dress "formal" cosplay. We first tried to come with a formal 'Hobbit' dress but there really wasn't enough time to make anything. I then suggested that I had Comm Badges that we could wear and I had a ST TNG tie as well. She liked that idea because she had a dress the same color as Counselor Troi.

I picked her up and we headed to downton LA as the event was happening at Club Nokia. I had never been there before so I was looking forward to it. Once we found parking ($30) we made our way to the event.

Sidenote.. the first year was horrible.. the show was great but getting in was a madhouse and so unorganized. The second year I didn't attend as we were promised tickets but at the last minute they decided to take them back and allow us to watch the show from a bar next door.

So I was expecting some craziness but as we came up the escalator there were people everywhere but we found a table labeled tickets. I went up and gave them my name and they gave us tickets and a wristband that allowed us to walk the red (well blue) carpet.

The line for the carpet was pretty crazy as they had it split into two sections, we were at the front of the second section but people kept getting into the back of the first section which was very upsetting. We waited and waited and waited and after an hour or so we moved to the back of the front section but the line wasn't moving and the show was about to start. Lauren and I didn't want to get out of line but we were both thirsty and really wanted to get to our seats.

So we made the decision after an hour and a half wait to exit and head into the venue. It was pretty cool inside.. had a very clubby feel to it. We were seated in the balcony section, so we grabbed our drinks and headed up stairs. They had a DJ playing music and it was crowded. We walked around for a bit before getting in line for a Spacey "photobooth", which was pretty cool. As it got closer to show time we made our way into the theater, greeted a few friends and found our seats... they weren't bad. We were about center stage and had a nice view of everything down below.

The show itself was enjoyable, it was time traveled themed so there was some fun skits, the host was entertaining and the presenters were hits and misses as it is with most award shows. There were a few audio issues and some hick ups here and there but overall it was good. When the show ended we headed downstairs so I could congratulate a few of my friends who won tonight.

Before heading over to the after party Lauren and I were starving so we headed next door to Smashburger. We got there right before they closed (we were the last customers). After some much needed food we headed over to the after party and made our rounds. I'm not really into parties but we stayed about an hour and mingled a bit before calling it a night and heading home.

It was a fun time overall.. the show was fun and it was great getting to hang out with Lauren (outside the gym). BTW she rocked it in her TNG dress.. she got so many compliments.

Don't know what's in store for next year, but if they ask for me to judge again I'd be more then happy to be apart of this fun event.

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