Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New Trek, My Lekku and Fuller House

Today CBS announced that Bryan Fuller will be the co-creator and show runner for the new Star Trek TV series. You can read the full story HERE. I am super excited by this news. I'm a HUGE fan of Mr. Fuller. The fact that he wrote for Deep Space Nine and Voyager should be enough proof that this new series is in good hands. But he also has gone on to create some amazing TV series including Dead Like Me, Hannibal, Wonderfalls and one of my favorite TV series of all times Pushing Daisies. I can't wait to hear more about his new Trek series.

While I was at work this morning I got an notification letting me know that my Lekku were delivered to my apartment. I didn't like the idea of leaving this huge box sitting outside my apartment door all day and the fact that I was super excited to see them, I went home on my lunch and open them up and check them out.

I opened the box and slowly removed them, they looked amazing. Of course I had to immediately put them on but realized that there was a large amount of foam that had to be removed before they could fit snugly on my head. It took several attempts but I eventually got enough out and a tight fit. They look even better on and I have to say they are a bit heavier then I expected but I really don't know what I expected. Wearing these will definitely help me get into character. I can't wait to finish my Twi'Lek cosplay. I hope to premiere it at Wondercon but it's more likely going to be San Diego Comic Con.

I came across this really cute rat video. It was showing how great rats can be as pets and it really got me thinking about getting rats again for pets. I've had many of them in the past and have loved them. I have been lonely as of late and really didn't want to get a cat or a dog (since I live in a small apartment) so I figured rats would be perfect. I'm gonna start looking into rescue and adoption places.

The last thing I want to share with you guys is the trailer for Fuller House. I wasn't a huge Full House fan but I did watch quite a bit of it back in the 90's so I'm looking forward to this new Netflix series.

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