Sunday, February 7, 2016

NerdStrong Takes On Vasquez Rocks

Today me and a group of friends from NerdStrong went to Vasquez Rocks. I have been there many times (since I lived so close to them a few years ago) but this was everyone else first time. The adventure started off a bit rocky as parking can be confusing and I guess I wasn't clear enough for our meet up point so it took nearly an hour to gather everyone in the right location and what made matters worse is that cell phone reception in sketchy at best there. But once everyone was together we started by climbing the main rock (actually named Vasquez's Rock), it's the one that most people recognize from all the TV shows and movies.

This is always a fun climb though it can be daunting as it gets pretty steep and there isn't much to hold on to but it's well worth the climb to get to the top. About half of the group decided to give it a try while the others found another rock close by to climb instead.

After climbing the rock we started our 2 hour hike. I have been all over this park so I knew where I wanted to take these guys. I wanted to do a large loop so we didn't have to repeat any sections but as we got to the turning point the sun as going down and the park closed at sundown so we decided to just take the quickest way back but as I said I didn't want to go the same way so I tried to improvise and got a lost a few times.. well not actually lost but we had to backtrack and find a different way off of a cliff.

Overall it was a great adventure. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the hike and were excited to do it again. I think next time we are going to try and dress up in some Star Trek uniforms and get some nice group photos.

Afterwards Lauren, Shannon and I went out and grabbed a bit to eat before calling it a day.

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