Saturday, February 6, 2016

I Love My New TV!!

Today was all about my new TV. After working out I came home and got to work... first I had to move my very large and old big screen TV but this isn't one of those super thin ones like my new TV. I tried to get my buddy Will to come help me but he was busy at the moment but could come later in the day. I figured I could wait but I was wrong.. about a half hour later I manhandled that TV to the ground.

Next I realized that my TV stand wouldn't work for this new TV because the TV legs/bases are towards the end of the TV and my stand has this tiny top shelf that the base couldn't sit on. So I had to remove/tear down this top tier to my TV stand. Once that was done I once again put my NerdStrong workouts to use and lifted my new TV onto the stand.

I spent a good half hour turning on the TV and programming it.. as I mentioned before it's a smart TV so it takes a bit of programming to get it up and running. I'm super excited that this TV has three HDMI ports so I could hook up my Tivo, Apple TV and Blu-ray player.

Once everything was up and running I had to decide on what I was going to watch first but there was really only one choice... Star Trek The Next Generation. So I accessed Netflix and continued with my rewatch.

That was it for me.. this is how I was going to spend the rest of my day.. and it was glorious. Well until my buddy Will came over to help me move my old TV to the curb for pick up.. we then we hung out for an hour or so.. but as soon as he left it was back to TNG for the rest of the night :)

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