Friday, February 5, 2016

NerdStrong Gym - My Weekly Recap

Got my five days of workout in this week. Started with taking on the Big Boss Monster for Saturdays workout. It was a 42 minute EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute), we had to do 40x Jumping Jacks, 6x Burpees, 10x Headcutters, 15x Slamballs, 20x Kettlebell Swings and then a rest. This was a total of 7 times and it was rough.

For Sunday's TEAM workout it was a old favorite of mine.. The Royal Flush Gang. Coaches use a real deck of cards and every suit represents a workout - Diamonds = Goblet Squats, Clubs = Sit Ups, Hearts Russian Twists and Spades = Burpees. And the number is how many times we do it, with Jacks as 11, Queens as 12, Kings as 13 and Aces are a wonder 1. It's one of my favorite themed workouts. 

Tuesday's DEX workout was titled "All the Weapons" the main workout consisted of 5 rounds, 1 minute of work then 1 minute of rest between rounds. So actually it meant we did five minutes of work and then a minute rest. Each round consisted of Forward Steel Mace Switch Lunge, Sandbag Clean to Press, Hollow Hold, Steel Club Swing (switch at :30 seconds) and then Push Ups. As a finisher we did Death by 10 Meters, this is when you sprint 10 meters within a certain amount of time and you continue to do it until you can finish within the time limit.. that's usually 13 or 14 times for me. 

Wednesday's CON was not how I wanted to spend my 1 year Nerdaversary but then again it really showed me how far I have come in that one year. We had to do a 2000 meter row and then a 1 miles run (that's 8 times around the parking lot). I opted to do the run first as I am not a fan of rowing and I knew it was going to be tough for me.  I'm happy to say that ran that mile in 10:21 besting my previous attempt of 11:51. I cut an whole minute and a half off my time which I was extremely happy with. My next goal is to get it under 10 minutes. As for my row I wasn't so lucky. My previous 2000 meter row record was 8:46 and this time around it was 9:37. But I can say that the last time I got the 8:46 that was all we did, I didn't run a mile just beforehand so this one was a bit skewed, but with that said I extremely happy with both of my results. And hopefully next time we do this I'll improve upon those numbers.

Thursday STG day is a hit and miss for me. I don't usually like barbell workout.. but today we did my favorite two barbell workouts.. Back Squats and Bench Presses.  I think they are my favorite because I can do them fairly well. And if I'm honest I don't mind the majority of the barbell workouts.. I think my least favorite are the Cleans and that's because I just cant figure it out. But as I said.. today was a good strength day. And the class was small which can be nice at time. Today's class was filled with some of my favorite gym people.. it was some good times.

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