Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Shannara Chronicles Ep 3 & 4 - My Thoughts

Lots of TV catching up today. Started with The Shannara Chronicles episodes 4 and 5. First up S1 Ep 4 "Fury" - As the Fury is chasing Wil and Amberle, an injured Allanon rises and kills it. The trio head to the Druid Cave in order to treat Allanon. After leaving him there, Wil and Amberle head to Silver River to grab some of its mud, which has healing properties, but are ambushed by Eretria and a Rover. They are taken as hostages to the Rover camp so that Wil can teach Cephelo how to use the Elfstones. Wil is unable to do so, and Cephelo threatens to kill Eretria. Then, another Fury attacks the Rover camp but is destroyed by Wil, using the powers of the Elfstones. Allanon is cured by the magic from the Druid Cave, and rescues Wil and Amberle from the Rovers. On their way to Arborlon, they find an elf named Bandon chained and left alone and they take him with them. At Arborlon, Bandon has a vision of Amberle dying. The Elven Council is reunited to discuss the crisis of the Ellcrys and decides to let Amberle, the last of the Chosen, enter the tree and search for its seed, which must be taken to Safehold.

This episode picks up right after episode two as the Fury is about to kill Wil and Aberle. Of course Allanon comes to their rescue but is mortally wounded. Still not a fan of Eretria but I can tell that they are trying to soften her up a bit. I know she's going to be a major player in this storyline so I'm trying to keep an open mind. I absolutely hate Cephelo and I can't wait for his demise.

Watching Wil rock the Elfstones as awesome. I like that they too have the adage, with magic comes a price. It makes since because if you could just do magic with no consequences then you would be unstoppable and everyone would do it. This actually limits the amount of magic one person can do.

We are introduced to a new character, Bandon. Don't know much about his all we know is he's extremely powerful, foresees Amberle's death and is super cute. I'm sure he's going to be a key player in this story. Every time I watch and episode of this series I can't wait for the next.. this is why binge watching is so appealing. But lucky for me I do have another episode to watch.. on to episode 4.

S1 Ep 4 "Changeling" - As Amberle enters the Ellcrys, is put to a test, and passes it, leading the tree to give her its seed. The group prepares to take it to Safehold, but realizes that the demon is still infiltrated. Amberle draws an image of a stained glass window which she saw on a vision inside the Ellcrys. After being threatened by her foster father, Eretria sneaks into the Elven Palace and seduces Wil into having sex with her, only to steal the Elfstones again. As she tries to escape the Palace, the demon disguises itself as her and attempts to kill Amberle but fails and the real Eretria is arrested for it. Bandon is revealed to be a seer. No one is able to find the demon, so they assume it must be a shapeshifting demon, and prepare a trap to catch it. Wil and Eretria realize that the demon was disguised as one of the guards and was aware of the plan. Wil runs to warn the Princess, but the Changeling gets there first and is killed by Allanon, who orders the guards to burn it and save its ashes. However, the demon comes back to life and kills the guards.

I really liked this episode. We see that Amberle can't let her interest in Wil interfere with her goal. How stupid is Wil to let Eretria seduce him again and still his elfstones again.. such a stupid character or typical man.. I don't know which. It's revealed that Bandon is a Seer, which we kind of knew. We also found out that the visions he sees are just a possible future and can be changed as he saved a girl from being killed.

We see Eretria's attitude changing slightly. As I said earlier I did not like this character in episodes one and two but they are slowly bringing her around. I was happy to see that that changling was killed but of course it resurrects at the end.. I'm sure will see more of it in future episodes.

This is only a 10 episode season and we are on episode 4 already and we haven't even started the quest. I don't know if they plan to complete the quest within these 10 episodes or if this will end unresolved hoping for a second season. I know there are tons of stories that they can tell and this is just one of many so I do hope they conclude this story at the end of this season and move on to another story for season two.. if that happens. Can't wait for next weeks episode and for them to finally start their quest.

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