Saturday, January 30, 2016

Call the Midwife S5 Ep2 - My Thoughts

After the museum I came home and watched the second episode of season five of Call the Midwife. Here's a brief description, Sister Evangelina's vocal opposition to mothers using formula milk causes a young woman who is unable to breastfeed to doubt her abilities as a mother and places her baby in danger through dehydration. In the aftermath of the incident Sister Evangelina asks to temporarily leave Nonnatus House to spend time with an enclosed order. Barbara is caught between an expectant mother and her husband, who is accused of being workshy. When it is discovered that he is actually terminally ill, his wife begs to have her baby induced before her husband dies. Phyllis develops feelings for a man she met at an evening class but is shocked to find that he has concealed from her that he has a wife with dementia.

Every episode of Call the Midwife brings me to tears here and there but this episode was particularity hard to watch. Sister Evangelina has been annoying me as of late. I understand she's older and set in her ways but she needs to bend a little with the times and she finally hits a wall when she almost kills a baby and I love that it's Cynthia how kind of tells her off. I liked Barbara's storyline and the man who everyone thought was lazy was in actuality terminally ill. The wife wanting to have her baby so he could meet his child before he dies was heartwrenching. I thought for a moment that he was going to die just as they brought the baby in but of course he got to hold his child before he passed. I liked the Phyllis storyline. We know so little about her but it was nice to see that she can indeed love. To bad the guy is married but his wife has dementia and doesn't even know who he is.. that's has to be hard. At first she's upset when she finds out but does befriend him again at the end. I don't know if a relationship will happen since the man is technically married. But a nice friendship was made.  Looking forward to episode three and shedding more tears for the lower class citizens of Poplar. 

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