Saturday, January 30, 2016

Visiting the Natural History Museum

Today is Free Museum Day, that's when you can visit selected museums for free. Well I organized a group of friends from NerdStrong to go to the Los Angeles Natural History Museum. I had never been there before or if I had it was extremely little.  Joining me for this adventure was Leo, Brent, Trevor, Shannon, Anne M, Anne W, Alex, Lauren, Jami, Brett and Naomi.

I met up with Lauren, Leo, Brent, Shannon, Alex, Anne W. and Naomi at the Red Line Station in North Hollywood, We got our tickets and then Brent remembered that he was suppose to get Brett so he, Alex and Leo stayed behind to wait for him while Lauren, Shannon, Anne W, Naomi and I grabbed the next train to downtown.

When we got there the place was packed and there was a line of at least 300 people waiting to get in. I thought there was no way we were going to get in today... There were other members of our party already there so we got in line (which moved pretty good) and gave them a call. They told us about this back entrance to the museum and there was no waiting. Of course we couldn't believe it as why would there be hundreds of people waiting in line to get in when you could just walk to the back and get in right away. Well Anne W and Naomi went to investigate and sure enough it was true so Lauren, Shannon and I headed to the backside. When we arrived, Anne M and Trevor where there with Naomi and Anne W... also Brett, Brent, Leo and Alex also just arrived. Only person we were missing was Jami and she came about an hour later.

We roamed from room to room checking out stuffed animals, history of Los Angeles before grabbing some lunch in the cafe. I have to say I was surprised by the reasonable prices of their food. I figured we'd have to pay and arm and a leg for good but it wasn't that bad. Once we were feed we went to the side of the museum that I was really looking forward to the most.. the Dinosaurs.

I think the highlight of the entire visit happened in the T-Rex room where I actually got to touch the toe bone of a T-Rex... how awesome is that. I'm sure millions of other people have touched this bone but I didn't care.. this was an actual T-Rex bone.. oh it was amazing.

We roamed around a few more rooms with more stuffed animals and birds before ending our tour in the Gems room. This was another awesome room.. who knew there were so many different gems and elements in this world. Once we were done with that room I think we were all tired and ready to call it a day. We said goodbye to Trevor, Anne M and Jami and the rest of us grabbed the Expo line to the Red line and back to North Hollywood. It was another fantastic Nerdstrong Adventure!!!

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