Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Galavant S2 So Far...

I haven't blogged about Galavant S2 since the first two episodes.. so here are some of my thoughts on episodes 3 - 8.

S2 Ep 3 "Aw, Hell, the King" Richard discovers his former kingdom has been converted into a democracy using the resources of his former castle. Gareth has nightmares about betraying Richard, and Madalena forces Sid to help him. Sid makes Gareth realize he is feeling guilty over his decision. Isabella mourns her breakup and wants nothing to do with her upcoming wedding to Harry, but wedding planner Chester Wormwood has plans to take over Hortensia and has her wear an enchanted tiara, putting her under his control. Galavant asks the citizens to volunteer for his army to rescue Isabella, but the only volunteer is a lady named Roberta. Galavant, Richard, and Roberta set off to find more members for their army.

I liked the opening number "Build a New Tomorrow". Still not a fan of the Isabella believing that Galavant broke up with her. The introduced another good "bad" guy to the story. Still loving the Galavant and Richard storyline. Who's have though they would be such a great duo when we first saw them in episode one of season one. 

S2 Ep 4 "Bewitched, Bothered, and Belittled" Richard realizes that Roberta is a former childhood playmate of his. Galavant wants to get rid of Richard, so he tries to set them up together with a romantic dinner, which works for Roberta but not for Richard. Chef and Gwynne celebrate their new status as upper lower class citizens, but Gwynne is unable to adjust to it, and she convinces Chef to leave with her and return to their former lifestyle. Madalena is invited to a party by two snobby sisters who used to shun her when she was poor, but it really turns out to be a roast of her and she is humiliated again. On her return to Valencia, she realizes that she is feeling hurt for the first time. But when Gareth takes revenge on the sisters, she kisses him and notices another new feeling.

I really like the addition of Roberta as Richards long lost playmate and love interest. Richard is so clueless, how did he ever manage to remain King for so many years. I enjoyed all the song in this episode, especially "Serenade (Maybe You Won't Die Alone). It was great to see Chef and Gwynne's story progress.. they are so use to be lower lower class that having decent things doesn't work for them. And a shocker but I felt bad for Madalena. This character is a bitch and has no redeeming qualities at all but I couldn't believe it by the end I actually felt something for her as she realized she too had feelings for Gareth, didn't think that would ever be possible. 

S2 Ep 5 "Giants vs. Dwarves" Richard trades the Jewel of Valencia for a lizard he believes is a dragon, causing Galavant to abandon him in anger. Galavant and Richard join opposite sides in a war between giants and dwarfs, who are actually all normal-sized men, before Roberta makes peace. Isabella visits wild Princess Jubilee who knocks her crown off and frees her from the curse; she returns to Hortensia to dispose of Wormwood. Gareth reveals that Sid had insulted Madalena, and Sid is forced to flee.

This episode had some of my favorite songs but also my least favorite. I loved "My Dragon Pal and Me" Richard and his "dragon" was hilarious. Though it did finally push Galavant over the edge (and you can't blame him). But is wasn't a big fan of "Different Kind of Princess". Maybe if they would have gotten a well known person it might be been funnier but then again the singing was fine it was just the song that I didn't like which is disappointing because I liked the idea behind it. The only good thing from that scene was that Isabella loses the tiara and is no longer under mind control. The bulk of this episode is about the Giants versus the Dwarves and what makes it funny is that all the men are exactly the same height so when they start to fight nobody knows who they are suppose to be fighting. 

S2 Ep 6 "About Last Knight" Madelena tries to get Gareth what he most wants for his birthday, a bar brawl, but everyone is too afraid to fight him. Wormwood, who has been banished from Hortensia, arrives in Valencia and convinces the royals to go to war. Isabella breaks her engagement with her cousin. Galavant seeks shelter with his estranged father, Arnold, who apologizes for being a distant parent. When Sid reunites with Galavant, he throws him his lost sword, but accidentally impales Galavant's chest.

Another great episode and I loved every song in this one. It was great meeting Galavants father. The Gareth wanting to fight for his birthday was funny and Madelena trying to make him happy was very sweet. Loved the Forrest of Coincidence and how many of our characters come together. And of course the ending when Sid accidentally stabs Galavant.

S2 Ep 7 "Love and Death" Richard, Sid, and Roberta bring Galavant to a healer, Neo of Sporin. Galavant briefly dies, but Neo makes a potion allowing Galvant to defeat Death and bring Galavant back to life. Neo then provides Galavant with an army of zombies. Wormwood plans for war with Madalena and Gareth, who realize they may be falling in love. Isabella readies Hortensia for war but finds they have no weapons. Richard and Roberta admit they have feelings for each other.

Neo of Sporin is the funniest name for a doctor. I like that Roberta and Richard finally get together. I liked Isabella rallying the troops for a fight. And Galavant gets him army... of Zombies.

S2 Ep 8 "Do the D'DEW" Isabella meets with Gareth and Madalena to discuss terms of surrender but Isabella leaves more determined to defeat them. Wormwood offers to teach them his dark magic which Gareth refuses, but Madalena later secretly agrees. Galavant has troubles controlling the zombies until he realizes they respond positively to his idea of fighting for love. Roberta, who had previously been intimate with Richard, breaks up with him, as she does not want to see him killed. Sid leaves to redeem himself.

Lot's of set up for the final "hour" of Season Two. I loved Madalena and Isabella sing off. Madalena goes evil.. like real evil and embraces dark magic. Just when you think Roberta and Richard are on the upswing she breaks it off as she can't watch Richard go to war as she knows he's an idiot and will probably die.

Can't wait until next week and the final two episodes.

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