Friday, January 29, 2016

NerdStrong Gym - My Weekly Recap

Got my full week of workouts done this week.  CON day on Saturday, TEAM day on Sunday, DEX day on Tuesday, CON day on Wednesday and STG day on Thursday.

I started with Saturday where we did our final mini boss battle before our big boss battle next week. This this mini boss we did 4 rounds of :30 second of Jumping Jacks, :30 seconds of Sprawls and :30 seconds of Rest. Then 4 rounds of :30 seconds of Sprawls, :30 seconds of Headcutters and then :30 seconds of Rest. Then 4 rounds of :30 seconds of Headcutters, :30 seconds of Slamballs and then :30 seconds of Rest. And then finally 4 rounds of :30 seconds of Slamballs :30 seconds of Kettlebell Swings and then :30 seconds of Rest. And for our finisher we did a ton of Planking.. all different kinds.

Our Sunday themed workout was all about X-Files. This was by far my favorite drawing they have done. As for the workout it was a killer. We did this in teams of two (Mulder and Scully), Mulder chased UFO's (230 meter run around the parking lot with a steel bell) while Scully worked at the six different stations. Station 1 was Bench Dumbbell Row, Station 2 was Jump Rope, Station 3 was Steel Club Banners, Station 4 was Frog Hops, Station 5 was Alt Toe Touch and finally Station 6 was Wall Sit.

This was a 40 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible), While one person ran the other did the workout and then switched. We did this for every station. So we both ran six times around the parking lot and did the station workout once each.. and that was just one round. You started over again until the time was up.

Tuesdays are DEX days and they are feeling more and more like CON days. We do a lot of different workouts within the hour. They are great workout just exhausting.  

For Wednesday's CON class we fought a resurrected big bad boss monster from October. 45 minute time cap and started with a 460 meter run, 50x Kettlebell Swings, 460 meter Run, 40x Push Ups, 230 meter Run, 30x Goblet Squats, 230 meter Run, 20x Burpees, 140 meter Run, 10x Nerdmakers, 140 meter Run, 10x Burpee Pull Ups, 230 meter Run, 20x Head Cutters, 230x meter Run, 30x Box Jumps, 460 meter Run, 40x Slamballs, 460 meter Run and finally 50x Sit Ups.

It was pretty horrible but what was awesome is that I actually finished with a few seconds to spare. This is the first time that I actually finished with workout. Back in October when we first did this I only got to Box Jumps and then we we did it again at the end of the month I got to Slamballs. But this time I got through it all.. that felt pretty great.

Thursday's Strength workout was all about Front Squats, lots and lots of Front Squats. We then did a battle with 1 minute of bicycles, then 3 rounds of :30 seconds of Jumping Jacks, :30 seconds of Dumbbell Press, :30 seconds of Dumbbell Overhead, :30 seconds of Dumbbell Tri Kick, :30 seconds of Dumbbell Bent Row and then :30 seconds of rest.

Tough week of workouts.

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