Friday, February 5, 2016

The Adventures Of Buying A New TV

Today after work I went to Fry's Electronic and got me a new TV.. of course nothing is that simple so here's the backstory.

I've always enjoyed having a big screen TV but the past year and a half I have been without one as my current 60" died for some reason and it would cost me $300 just to have someone come out to look at it. So I've been checking out TV prices the past few months. I get these "promo code" Ad emails from Fry's on a daily bases. With these promo codes you can get additional discounts on things.. like TV's. On Monday of this week I got an ad and saw the perfect TV. It was 4k LED Ultra HD 65" screen Smart TV with webOS 2.0 and the price was originally $1299 but on sale for $999 but with the "promo code" you could get another $100 dollars off making it $899. But in order to get the extra $100 off  you have to purchase the TV in house and not online. Okay that wouldn't be a problem so I searched my local Fry's... and they were sold out, I then search for the nearest story with this TV and it was either San Diego or Las Vegas and this promo code was only good for two days. So I wasn't going to be able to get this TV.. I was heart broken. Come Wednesday I found a 60' Regular HD TV with no bells or whistles, originally $899 and sale for $699 but you could get an additional $100 off making it only $599. $600 dollars for a 60" HDTV isn't bad so I purchased it online. And when you purchase it all they do is hold it for you so you don't actual pay for it until you pick it up. After I held the TV I noticed in small print that you had to pick up the TV by stores closing time that day to get the additional discount. Well work was particularly bad and I didn't get out until after the store had closed. I took this as s sign that this TV wasn't for me. It wasn't what I wanted and I was just settling.

Now this morning I get another ad from Fry's and see the original TV back up for sale so I quickly jump online and check my local store (in Burbank) and sure enough they have them in stock. I immediately put one on hold. Now it's crucial that I get off work before the store closes. Luckily I got out of work by 7pm and headed over to Fry's. I wanted to see the TV before I purchased it but couldn't find it one the floor. So I took a chance and went to pay for it. The person rung me up and all seemed fine but then a few minutes pass and she comes back and asks if I held another TV. I said I did but couldn't get here in time to pick up for the discount. She asked if I wanted it. I said no I want the one I just paid for. She left again, returned empty handed and started to call over people. This is were panic set in.. all I could think was that they were really out of stock and this was a computer glitch.. I wasn't going to get my dream TV today. In actuality they didn't bring the TV to the front holding area. One of the sale guy has to go to the back and pick it up.

So in the end I got my dream TV - LED 65" Ultra HD with all the bells and whistles. Now I have to get it into my car. Luckily I ran into one of my NerdStrong coaches at Fry's Coach David. He helped me get it to my car and then pushed down my seats and tilted it in. I had to push my front seats all the way forward and then take a shoe lace off of one of my boots that I just so happen to have in my trunk so I could tie doe the hatchback. It was a pretty funny site as I could barely sit in the front seat to drive. I didn't have far to go so that was good but it was an interesting drive home.

Once I was home I had to figure out how I was going to get this up two flights of stairs and into my apartment as I couldn't leave it in my car overnight. I put a request out there on social media but unfortunately no one was around to help. So I put all my NerdStrong training to practice and heaved the box onto my back (the box was bigger then me) and made my way slowly up the first set of stairs. These new TV's aren't heavy they are just large and difficult to carry but I'm happy to say that I made it up to my apartment with no issues. I was done for the day so I'll unbox it tomorrow and get it all set up then... I can't wait!!!

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