Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Marvel's Agent Carter S2 Ep 4 - My Thoughts

Today is Tuesday and that means Marvel's Agent Carter. It's one of the few TV shows that I like to watch live as I can't wait to see it. Tonight we got S2 Ep 4 "Smoke & Mirrors" In the 1920s in Broxton, Oklahoma, Agnes Cully (Frost) is shown to have a brilliant mind, fixing a broken radio, inventing devices, and applying to a science program at Oklahoma University (unsuccessfully due to her gender). In 1934, Cully travels to Hollywood, where she is approached by a talent agent, promising to make her a star. In 1940 in England, Carter, who is engaged, receives an offer to join the Special Operations Executive due to her work at Bletchley Park as a code breaker; she eventually accepts the offer and leaves her fiancé after her brother's death in the war. In 1947, Carter and Jarvis kidnap Hunt in an attempt to learn more about the Council. After getting names of members of the Council and locations of transcripts of their meetings, Carter and Sousa prepare the SSR to infiltrate the Arena Club, but are stopped by Masters. They let a bugged Hunt escape, and he attempts to blackmail Chadwick in exchange for protection. Displeased with the mess he was causing, Frost absorbs Hunt, revealing her abilities to Chadwick.

We get a Peggy Carter origin story with this episode. We find out that Peggy was planning to get married and not really living up to her full potential. That is until her brother intervenes and submits her name for the SOE. But she is doing what is "right" for women in the 40's, getting married and starting a family. But of course we know that doesn't happen and it's extremely sad at what happens that makes her change her mind (though I knew it was coming, but none-the-less sad). Her brothers death, whom she was extremely close with, is what makes her the Peggy we all love. It's crazy to imagine her life any other way from what it is so it was interesting to see that she almost wound up a housewife.

The other story was the origin story of the "big bad" Frost, she wasn't so fortunate with her upbringing, being raised by an unfit single mother and her genius not being encouraged, instead her mother teaches that the only thing that she needs to worry about is her looks, those can get her everything she wants. Of course she uses her mother's "wise" words when she comes to Hollywood and snags an agent. She had a sad life and it makes sense why she turned out the way she did. It's always difficult to hate the "bad guys" when they reveal a bit of their past.

Lot's a good stuff in the episode, Peggy and Sousa seem to be making progress in their investigation until Masters shows up.. he's such a douche bag, hope we see something happen to him soon. But my favorite parts of tonight's episode and every episode of Agent Carter is seeing Carter and Jarvis interact. I've said it before and I'll say it again.. these two character and actors have such great chemistry. I love that there is no hint of attraction between the two. They love each other but not in a romantic way. You could say that Jarvis has taken the role of her death brother.

Can't wait for the next episode which will bring us half way through this second season.

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