Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Flash & Arrow Return And The Premiere Of Legends Of Tomorrow

DC TV returned this week so in the evening I sat down with my buddy Erik (via Skype) and we watched the return of Flash and Arrow and the 2 part of the two part premiere of Legends of Tomorrow

First up is Flash S2 Ep 10 "Potential Energy" As Dr. Wells struggles to try to find ways to increase Barry's speed, Cisco presents a new idea to slow Zoom down. Cisco tells the team about a metahuman, whom he has dubbed the "Turtle", who has the ability to stop the kinetic energy around him and thus slow everyone to a halt. After Barry fails to stop the Turtle at a diamond unveiling, the team sets a trap at a local art exhibit. Barry invites Patty with the intention of telling her his secret, but the Turtle is aware of the trap and almost succeeds in killing Patty before escaping. Later, the Turtle kidnaps Patty in an effort to punish the Flash. The team tracks down the Turtle and Barry is able to generate enough speed to move through the kinetic waves the Turtle creates to knock him unconscious and save Patty. Later, Patty tells Barry that she is leaving Central City and Dr. Wells kills the Turtle by extracting a portion of his brain matter. Meanwhile, Joe struggles to develop a relationship with Wally, who has been street racing in an attempt to earn enough money to pay for his mother's medical bills. Caitlin discovers that Jay is dying of an illness caused by Zoom stealing his speed.

This episode starts off with a shocker but soon you realize it's a dream. Barry's actions in this episode frustrated me to no end. The fact that he didn't tell Patty he was The Flash even after she figure out was ridiculous.. I know he said it was to protect her but he has many loved ones who know who he is and they aren't in danger every other minute.. I think Patty needed to know so she could protect herself. The whole Turtle character was cool but Barry being stupid keep made me not enjoy this episode as much as I should have. Flash can be amazing but Barry can't be extremely stupid sometimes.

Next up was Arrow S4 Ep 14 "Blood Debts" With Felicity in and out of surgery for her gunshot wounds, Oliver and the team continue searching for Darhk. Oliver turns to Captain Lance for information on Darhk's location, while Diggle interrogates his brother Andy. They track down Darhk's location, but find only several dead Ghost soldiers and an anarchy symbol painted in blood. The team realize that Lonnie Machin is back and out for revenge against Darhk. Machin is caught and Oliver interrogates him for information on Darhk. Eventually, Oliver sets Machin free to go after Darhk, tracking him in the process. Machin goes after Darhk's family; the team arrives and saves them, but Machin escapes. As payment for saving his family, Darhk grants Oliver time to spend with his own family before Darhk kills him. Meanwhile, Felicity is left paralyzed from being shot. In flashbacks, Conklin presents Oliver as a traitor and the maps he found as proof to Reiter. While Conklin tortures Oliver, Reiter notices the spell on Oliver's stomach and forces Conklin to stop. In exchange for another prisoner's life, Oliver agrees to help Reiter.

Let the frustration continue... I thought Barry was bad but he has nothing compared to Oliver. Oliver started to revert to the Oliver from last season and I very much disliked that Oliver. I was happy that Felicity didn't die. Overall the episode was fine but like with The Flash the stupidity of the main character makes it difficult for me to enjoy the rest of the show

And finally what I have been waiting for, Legends of Tomorrow S1 Ep 1 "Pilot, Part 1" In the year 2166, Vandal Savage has successfully conquered the entire planet. In an effort to save humanity, time-traveler Rip Hunter travels back to the year 2016 to assemble a group of superheroes and supervillains to team-up and stop Savage's rise to power: Ray Palmer, Sara Lance, Jefferson "Jax" Jackson and Dr. Martin Stein, Mick Rory, Leonard Snart, Carter Hall, and Kendra Saunders. With the team assembled, Hunter takes them to 1975 to talk to Professor Boardman, a leading expert on Vandal Savage, to get assistance in locating Savage. While providing information on Savage, Boardman also reveals that he is the son of Kendra and Carter from one of their past lives. Meanwhile, a time-traveling bounty hunter named Chronos attacks Hunter's ship, the Waverider. The team is able to regroup and escape, but not before Professor Boardman is wounded and dies. The attack forces Hunter to reveal that Chronos is after him for stealing the time-ship and going on the mission against the wishes of the Time Council and that part of his quest is based on his desire for revenge on Savage for murdering his wife and child in his time. 

Okay.. now we are talking.. this was everything I was hoping for and more. Only downside is it was only the first hour of a 2 hour premiere. I loved that we meet Kendra and Carters son from a past life. The team up of various people were awesome. And of course the ending when we find out that Rip was lying and that everyone is not known as Legends in the future but the complete opposite.. removing them from the timeline doesn't effect anything in 100 years so they are disposable. But I like how the team bands together and decides that they will make their own destiny and become their own Legends.

Amazing special effects, loved the acting, the story, pretty much everything about this show. It was the perfect way to end my TV night. Can't wait for part two.

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