Monday, February 1, 2016

100 Facts About Me

I've done these in the past but I think it's always fun to share 100 Facts about Me. Some you will already know but hopefully a few that you didn't.

1. I'll be 46 years old come September.
2. I've broken two bones so far... .my right arm (fell off monkey bars) and left wrist (rolled down a hill with an ATV)
3. I currently have 4 tattoos, Hogwarts crest on my left shoulder & R2D2 on my right calf, Star Trek Borgified Badge on my left calf and Lord of the Rings writing on my right shoulder.
4. When I was younger I wanted to be a veterinarian.
5. I struggled with being gay and didn't come out of the closet until I was 27 years old.
6. My favorite type of music is Country Music.
7. I am extremely shy & quiet (on the verge of socially awkward) in person
8. Favorite color is Green
9. I don't cuss.. EVER!!!
10. I've been collecting action figures since I was 6 years old, my first being Star Wars.
11. I've always wanted a biological child of my own and as I get older that hope dwindles.
12. My hair has been purple, red, orange, black, blond and it's natural brown.
13. My very first geeky convention that I attended was in LA for the series Alien Nation, 2 days of awesomeness.
14. I was Donny and Marie Osmond's personal assistant back in the summer 97
15. I graduated from California State University Fullerton w/ a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication - TV/Radio/Film
16. I rarely drink (a few times a year maybe), never smoked, never done drugs of any kind.
17. Saved my brother from drowning when he was 3 and I was 8
18. I'm a Hopeless Romantic
19. I love singing along with the radio while driving in the car
20. Because of Jaws I'm still afraid to go into deep water / ocean
21. I've worked in the TV/Film industry for over 20 years
22. I was born and raised in Southern California
23. Saw Star Wars when I was 6 & it made me the Geekyfanboy I am today.
24. Pets I've had, Dogs, Cats, Chickens, Ducks, Turtle, Rabbits, Mice, Rats, Fish & a Chinchilla
25. I bungee jumped from 150 feet up.
26. I had a Star Trek "Borg" Themed wedding cake
27. Rode my bike from San Fransisco to Los Angeles (600+ miles) in seven days for the California Aids Ride in 2001
28. I'm a roller coaster enthusiast
29. I have a large round birth mark the size of a sliver dollar on my lower back.
30. I've appeared in many episodes of the webseries The Guild, I've also appeared in My Gimpy Life and Legend of Neil.
31. I'm told that I have an infectious laugh, friends use to call me The Giggler
32. Had an anxiety/panic attack in High School that was so bad that I made myself go temporally blind
33. Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars and Firefly our my top 5 favorite worlds to visit.
34. If I went to Hogwarts I'd be sorted into Hufflepuff, which values Loyalty, Dedication and Hard Work.. sounds like me
35. I am a proud member of the Producer's Guild of America
36. I am teaching myself American Sign Language 
37. Found my Dad's biological family after 58 years
38. I am half Puerto Rican & half German
39. I am allergic to Dairy (Lactose intolerant)
40. Graduated from High School with a 3.89 GPA and in the top 10% of my class
41. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
42. Would rather be in the company of a handful of close friends then a room full of acquaintances.
43. I've only been out of the country a few times.. Mexico, Ireland and United Kingdom.
44. Though I do 5 podcasts I've always disliked the sound of my voice.
45. I've always been mature for my age.. at 16 I was ready to marry and settle down.
46. At the age of 37 I dressed up in my Hogwarts Robes and stood in line for the release of the final Harry Potter book. I now regularly cosplay at comic cons
47. I'm one of those people who always looks on the bright side of things.
48. I'm addicted to the internet, can't go more then a few hours without checking my email, facebook, or twitter.
49. I don't eat salads, not a big veggie eater.
50. Call me a Geek, Dork, Dweeb, Nerd, or Loser.. I don't care.. I love who I am and wouldn't change for anything. 
51. I'm a very emphatic person.
52. I suffer from depression
53. I'm a TV junkie, can't get enough of those shows.
54. I've been blogging for almost 15 years.
55. I love to dance, not saying I'm good, but it's tons of fun.
56. I'd rather live in the country/woods/mountains then in a big city or beach.
57. I have a difficult time accepting compliments.
58. I'm a nice guy and normally finish last.
59. Loved the Star Wars prequels, not as much as the original trilogy but still very enjoyable.
60. In High School I had a Pompadour-Mullet.. yeah I was that cool :)
61. My middle name is Harvey, named after my grandfather.
62. I can't spell to save my life, thank goodness for spellcheckers.
63. My childhood nickname was KenKen, as my dad went by Kenny.
64. Use to have a speech impediment when I was younger, took many years to over come, still have it slightly.
65. For those who haven't met me in person I'm short, standing at a proud and stocky 5 foot 3 inches.
66. Favorite book series would be a toss up between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.
67. Favorite Star Trek Series, TNG, followed closely by Voyager & DS9, also enjoy Enterprise and TOS.
68. Though I work on The Guild I've never played WoW, nor played alot of video games.
69. As I get older I try and enjoy my life more as there is less of it.
70. I'm an Uncle and have an amazing nephew (Kenobi) and niece (Molly). 
71. I want to go skydiving at least once in my life.
72. I’ve always had weight issues but I'm working hard to get fit at NerdStrong
73. I had a rocking mustache starting at age 12 and didn’t shave it off until I was 19.
74. My hair is thinning on top to the point of baldness 
75. I am a podcaster currently creator/co-host/producer on Knights of the Guild, MASH 4077 Podcast, Confessions of a Fanboy, My Gimpy Life, Alien Nation: The Newcomers Podcast and The Geek Roundtable
76. I've always wanted to learn to play the piano & flute.. I hope to still do that some day
77. Use to watch Soaps, One Life to Live and General Hospital religiously, from age 12 to 22
78. I’ve had major dental work done, my top front five teeth are fake (prem. Bridge)
79. I use to love mathematics, went as high as Trigonometry and Calculus in Collage.
80. I can spend an entire day by myself at the movie theater watching 4 to 5 movies, which I've done in the past.
81. I've never kissed a girl (pecks don't count)
82. At my heaviest I was 219 pounds, currently down to 192,  gone down 2 pant sizes and 1 shirt size.
83. Favorite food is Mexican
84. Drove 17 days while in the UK from Edinburgh to London 
85. If I had the money I'm build myself my very own Hobbit Hole to live in.
86. I would love to live in England/Ireland for a year
87. My favorite car that I've ever owned was my Honda CRX
88. My dream job would be to open a Geek themed arcade/gaming cafe
89. I have one younger brother (he's five years younger)
90. I have very low self esteem goes along with my depression (it's a constant battle)
91. Would rather be poor & happy then rich & unhappy.
92. I'm actually attracted to both men and women, but out of 5 people I'm attracted to 4 would be men and only 1 a woman.
93. I was bullied through out my schooling for being short
94. Three different people attempted to abduct me when I was younger while I walked to elementary school.
95. Once I lose all the weight I want to lose I'm considering plastic surgery to nip and tuck.
96. I've always wanted to own a large house so I could adopt kids who were about to age out of the system just so they would have a place to call home.
97. I try and live my life without regrets but it's hard.
98. I believe that we are not alone in this universe
99. I prefer cake over pie
100. I've always wished I was more outgoing.

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