Sunday, April 24, 2016

Recording More Of The Geek Roundtable

After the gym I had another record session for my new podcast The Geek Roundtable, this is the second recording. Joining me as guest hosts for this recording are Adam West, Anne Westcott, Josh Marvin , John Higgins & Lauren Andrews. Five guest hosts this time around, instead of my planned four (me being the fifth). I'm hoping to record six topics, Farscape, Gaming, Lord of the Rings (movies), Whedon Universe, Star Wars A New Hope & Star Wars Empire Strikes Back. I originally had planned to do four to six episodes (topics) per recording but the first session I only planned four and we had an hour or extra time that we could have recorded a few more episodes so this time I booked six topics and sure enough we ran out of time and could only get through four of them. I wind up cutting the two Star Wars topic (which we will do at a later date). Part of the reason is that we had six people talking instead of five like last time and also the dynamic of the group. I think we had more talkative people then time around compared to my last record session.

We had a great time talking geek, we could have gone on and on and after the first two episodes I had to come up with a hand signal to let them know they needed to wrap up and move on. There was also a topic in there that I knew very little of  (Gaming) so I didn't participate as much and was more of a moderator in the truer sense. But overall it was a great time, we had lots of laughs, some good debates and lots of excitement. Thank you to Adam, Anne, Josh, John and Lauren for co-hosting these episodes and for helping me out with my new podcast endeavor. 

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