Saturday, April 30, 2016

Table Top Day

Today is National Table Top Day, so after working out and then having brunch with fellow NerdStrongers, Lauren and I hung out and headed to a friend's (Jason) game store to say hi and check out some of the games. The place sells "smart" toys and games. It was fun we played a few games, then grabbed some lunch in the mall before heading back to Jason's store. Both Lauren and I purchased a new game. I got one called Dr. Eureka, we played a few demo games and it was alot of fun so I purchased it.

After that game store we headed to Geekie Teas, it's another friends store. She was having an event with several tables of people playing various games. Lauren and I joined an "Escape Room in a Box" game. I've always wanted to do an Escape Room but just haven't been invited, when friends go or planned one of my own so this was the next best thing. It was a fun game, I don't know about repeat play but it was fun for the one go round. Luckily we had Lauren on our team.. she's super smart.  Overall it was a great way to celebrate International Table Top Day.

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