Friday, May 6, 2016

Quidditch Skydiving and Dining in the Sky

A hodge podge of geeky news for today.. first up Coltan Hayes from Arrow fame came out of the closet, you can read more about it HERE. I think it's great when young celebrities come out of the closet, his outing didn't sounds easy but like most of us gay man, he too had and is continuing to fight depression. I hope he can finally find happiness and peace.

Came across this video of skydivers playing Quidditch. I've played Quidditch on the ground but never in the sky.. it's pretty fantastic.

The next video seems unreal.. I don't think I could do this but people do. The one featured in this video is in Las Vegas. Could eat hanging in the middle of the air?

I attempted to airbrush my Lekku for my Jedi Twi-lek this evening. It was my first time using an air brush and it wasn't much of a success. Instead I just used a regular brush to paint the Lekku and then at a later date will attempt to air brush over the paint lines. I need to find someone who knows how to use an airbrush to make sure I was using it properly.

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