Monday, July 4, 2016

Finishing my Jedi Robes

I didn't have any plans for celebrating 4th of July, and the usual bbq/party that I got to every year didn't happen this year. It was kind of depressing not doing anything or watching fireworks but I kept busy by continuing my work on my Jedi Robes. Everything was done and all I had left was doing the hem on everything.. that was alot of hem. I probably spent a good three or four hours going from one side of that robe to the other. But when the night was over I had created from scratch my very own Jedi Robes. From the outside they looked great and for the most part 75% of the stitching looked good. I'm still extremely happy with the final results and the fact that this was my first ever sewing job is pretty cool. I am freaking out a bit as I only have a few weeks left and still have to create the tunic, shoulder armor and belts to complete my Twi-lek Jedi cosplay

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