Sunday, July 3, 2016

Warcraft Movie with Friends

Tonight I went and saw the movie Warcraft (based on the MMO game World of Warcraft). I don't play WOW but I have alot of friends who do so I'm familiar enough with this world and from the trailers this movie looked pretty good.

I was seeing it with friend Shannon, Lauren and Aaron and we were seeing at a local "cheap" theater. Sunday showings are $1.50 per movie. This is a great price but it also means will get a lesser polite crowd. This was the first time that Shannon, Lauren and Aaron had gone to this theater. I've been a few times so I knew what to expect.. they didn't. I think they will remember the experience more then the movie. We had people chatting, little kids talking at full volume, some gang banger sitting next to Shannon making her uncomfortable. We had homeless people with their dogs sitting in back and overall just alot of chatter.

I think because I had been there before the noise around me didn't distract me to much from the movie but I don't think the other three enjoyed the movie as much as they could because of all the distractions... I can say with certainty that they won't be seeing a movie at this theater again.

For me I enjoyed the movie, the story was simple and I never knew where it was going. Lots of twists and turns in this movie. Characters died that I didn't expect to and so of their stories when in a completely opposite direction then I thought. There is no happy ending and this was definitely set up to be a on going series. I enjoyed the special effects, especially the Mages powers. There were several completely CG characters and they worked will with the live actors. My only complaint about this movie is the pacing, it was very uneven. But overall I enjoyed this movie and I know I'll enjoy it more when I can watch it in the privacy of my own apartment without all the distractions.

I give Warcraft a solid B and will definitely be buying it when it comes out on Blu-ray.

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