Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Make Up Test #1 - Jedi Twi-Lek Cosplay

Today my friend Shannon came over in the evening after work to help me do a make up test, she offered to do my make up during San Diego Comic Con. She's used an air brush machine before decorating cakes but never on a person and with actual make up. So this was her chance to get her hands dirty.. we started off simple and she started to spray my hands, getting the feel for the machine but soon we were having issues with the air brush machine. We fixed it and then decided to give it a go on my face. I still had my beard which would be shaved off when I actually cosplay but Shannon sprayed away. The air brush machine kept giving us issues through out the night and finally we just gave up. I got a decent amount on my face and it gave me an idea of what the process was like. Also it let me know how much paint is used during the process. Will attempt another make up test in the near future, might have to get a better air brush machine.

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