Monday, July 4, 2016

Independence Day Workout at NerdStrong

Today is the Fourth of July so of course my gym had to have a special workout planned and what's better then an Independence Day themed workout. I usually don't workout on Mondays (it's one of my two days off) but because it was a special workout made just for today I opted to join in the fun.

It started off with an inspirational speech from the owner and creator of NerdStrong, Coach Andrew.. well it was actually the speech from President Whitmore (Bill Pullman) given in the movie but it was still pretty fantastic.

About 40 people showed up for this workout, I think it's one if not the largest classes NerdStrong has ever had. They grouped us into eight teams of 5 and there were eight different workout stations, we had to work at each station for five minutes with a 1 minute transition to the next station. Each team had to choose a name so we chose "Okun Five" as our team name. Dr. Okun was Brent Spiner's character in the movie. The team I was part of killed the workout and helped get each other get through the tough parts. This is one of the main reasons I love doing team workouts. It helps having someone there for you, pushing you and encouraging you along the way.

Coach Andrew went all out and drew pictures on the ground of each workout. Some where alien faces (so we could smash them in while doing the mace slams),  others were images of Will Smith pulling a dead alien behind him. Each station had a title, station 1: Welcome to Earth!, station 2: Release Me, station 3: Must Go Faster, station 4: Lock and Load, station 5: Desert Drag, station 6: Eagle One, station 7: Upload the Virus and finally station 8: Fireworks

This is how much everyone enjoyed each others company, after the workout about half of us hung around and chatted for a bit. Then a few of the guys gathered all the sandbags on ropes that we used for one of the workouts "Desert Drag" and instead of dragging one of the bags per the workout, the dragged all the bags. I don't know how much weight it was but it was alot. One person did it and then another and so on until almost ever buy had done it, including me. A few ladies did it as well and killed it. We probably could have hung out longer but coach Andrew and coach Marla has to be down in SD for a 4th of July event. 

It was a pretty great workout and a great way to celebrate out independence.  

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