Sunday, September 12, 2010

Getting Old

Yesterday Harry and I went to visit my Dad, Brother, Sister-in-Law and Nephew Kenobi. He's now 15 months and about 30lbs. I played with him for a few hours.. during that play I would pick him up and pretend to drop him over and over and over. He kept laughing so hard and wanted to do it again I couldn't say no.. I would swing him around, or pretend he was flying.. but I was getting tired.. finally I couldn't do it anymore and collapsed on the floor sweating and exhausted.

On the drive home Harry knew I was sore and tired and said, "You still want one of those" and my answer was "Yes". I've always wanted a child and thought they are alot of work and I'm getting older I still would love one.. but if all I every get are nephews and nieces I'll be happy with that.

Oh man... this morning I woke up and my back is in so much pain, every muscle is killing me. But with that said it was totally worth is just to hear Kenobi giggly and laugh.. he loves his uncle Kenny.


  1. I think you'd be great as a parent. you have lots of love to share.

  2. When you have a kid they start out small (typically) and you can adjust as time goes by to the physical demands but I know this is why I need to lose weight. I need to get im shape. Alex is going to be running soon, playing, and I don't want to be the bench mom. You know, the one who sits on the bench at the park instead of running around being silly and playing. I want to have fun right there by his side. And I hope that even when he's bigger I'll still be able to do what you did with your nephew.

    I think you would be an amazing parent and I only know you here, online. You have a great heart and you are a really interesting and cool guy who I'm glad to be able to call my friend and I can't wait to meet you next summer (hopefully) at sdcc, you can see alex! :-)