Sunday, September 12, 2010

Getting a Tattoo

Yep I am planning on getting a tattoo for my 40th birthday. I've wanted to get one for many years but never did it. I mean it's something that is permanently on your body and coming up with something that you want to have on your body all the time is tough. But the real reason I haven't done it is because I have five geeky loves that I know I wouldn't mind having a piece of them on my body. Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. My initial idea was to do some kind of large tattoo that would encompass all five of these things and that is really why I haven't done the tattoo yet because I can't figure out first of all what I want that would represent each thing and then second figure out how to combine them all of them.

Recently my brother informed me that Moose (one of my oldest friends) is having a Tattoo party at my brother's house on the 24th. Something just clicked and I told myself I'm going to get a tattoo and it will be of one of these things that I love. Since I can't figure out how to combine them all why not just get 5 different tattoos... so that is my plan. I won't be getting all five at once.. but I do plan on starting with one.

So now I have to decide on which geeky love to put on my body first and what will represent that love.

Star Wars: I'm pretty set on what I want to represent my love of Star Wars... R2D2, he's my favorite character and always has been through all six movies. It was a no brainer that I wanted him.. only issue now is in what position do I want him?? Found this picture and thought it was pretty cool.. but will continue to look.

Star Trek: This has been a lot tougher as I love so many things in Star Trek but I'm currently leaning towards The Borg or maybe the Borg Queen. I know The Borg would be a more complex tattoo and would need to rather large to get all the detail in. So I'm still up in the air for my Star Trek tattoo.

Firefly: When I think of Firefly you automatically think of Serenity (the ship). I've always loved the style of that ship. But then I was thinking of something more obscure and do two blue hands (now if you're a fan of Firefly you'll know what that means). Or maybe the Fruity Oaty Bar girls or Blue Sun symbol. Yeah I'm still up in the air for Firefly.. but it will be one of those things.

Harry Potter: This was another tough one for me as I LOVE Harry Potter and was trying to come up with something when there are so many great things. Of course the first thing that folks said to me when they found out I wanted to get a Harry Potter Tattoo.. "get the dark mark". But that never really appealed to me. I thought about getting a character done but I'd be afraid that it wouldn't look like the person. So I think what I'm going to get is the Hogwarts School Crest.. that represents Hogwarts and the four houses. I found a really nice tattoo of one and really like it.

Lord of the Rings: Pretty much since the movie came out I knew I wanted "One Ring to Rule Them All" elfish script tattoo'd around my upper arm. Never questioned it.. this is what I want to get for my LOTR tattoo.

So on Sept. 24th I'll be getting one of these tattoos. I'm thinking it will be either R2D2 or LOTR since I know I want those for sure. Even though I would love to have Harry Potter be my first, I still have a few weeks to figure this out.. but I am getting one done. And of course I'm going to video tape the process and take pictures to share will all you wonderful people.


  1. I vote for hogwarts on your calf for the first one. that's of course if your taking votes.

  2. Advice is always nice.. all my Tattoos I plan on having on my upper body.. chest and upper arms. I want them some place where I can see and enjoy them.

  3. You should definetively get a Star trek one :)

    - IDIC (
    - Borg (
    - Enterprise (

    I've always thought this would make a good tattoo, maybe I should get one for xmas:

  4. I love the R2 one! - America

  5. Tattoos are addicting!! I have 2 and have been trying to figure out my 3rd for years now. Main thing is be sure exactly what you want before you get one.. I've had friends wish they did something else a few months after getting theirs, because they weren't 100% sure what they wanted from the get go.

    Here's my idea.. get the golden snitch on your shoulder (or chest) and the LOTR text on your arm (same side as the snitch).

    snitch tattoo idea (w/o the txt)

  6. Well this is my list:

    Whedonverse Tattoo Ideas

    •Faith tattoo
    •Wolf Ram and Hart
    •Angel Investigations symbol
    •Serenity ship
    •Mark of Eyghon
    •the Buffy B
    •"did I fall asleep?"
    •a hammer
    •Angel's tattoo
    •Codex's staff and maybe the other characters' accessories (I know, I know-it's not Whedonverse)
    •Fruity oaty bars girl or octopus
    •something with Joss's name
    •claddaugh ring symbol
    •"BITE ME"
    •bite marks in neck
    • •angel wings-
    •kanji symbol for faith, serenity, angel, willow or goddess
    • •"browncoat"
    •blue sun symbol

    Harry Potter and other fandoms ideas

    •marauders map
    •wand or nimbus 2000
    •the snitch- "I open at the close"
    •the Hogwarts school emblem
    •"Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi"
    •barcode on neck (Dark Angel)