Monday, November 1, 2010

Comic Con 2011 Internet Woes

So today at 9am PST Comic Con opened up it's 2011 registration. Though I get a professional pass and hopefully a guest pass (get those on March) I didn't want to take any chances and pick up 2 more just in case as my brother wants to go next year and normally you can buy up to four more pass but over the years they have really started restricting what "pros" can do. So I was there at 9am clicking on the site and going no where. Twitter started to buzz as everyone was having issues, some were not getting on the website some were in between stage 1 and 2 but no one was able to finish and actually get tickets. After an hour and forty-five minutes Comic Con put upon their website "Please check back on the 8th of November for information on the new registration date."

Yep the pulled the plug on there ticket sales, the servers couldn't handle the amount of traffic as every year San Diego Comic Con gets bigger and bigger and sells out faster and faster. So they shut down everyone and I'm not sure a single person actually got a ticket. Now we have to wait till next Monday for them to tell us when tickets will go on sale. You would think that they would get there act together and have a big enough sever to handle the volume on ticket sales.. I mean SDCC didn't get huge over night, and since they already sold out of 4 day passes with preview night at this years con (first time ever) it should have been a sign of things to come. Let's hope when the open the lines back up they have these issues fixed... Geeks are for the most part quiet and sweet.. but get them angry and look out!!!!

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