Thursday, November 4, 2010

Duty Calls

Got a call a few hours ago from my next gig with MTV. They asked if I could start working on Monday.. yeah this coming Monday. Of course I said yes but man I was bummed. I've been out of work for almost seven months and the bank account / savings has taken a HUGE hit and I've been under alot of stress to find work. When I accepted this MTV gig they told me it wouldn't start until the end of Nov, possible beginning of December and I was cool with that because it meant I would have a few weeks to a month off with no stress. Well that all came to an end with that phone call. And to be honest it's a good thing as we need the money and I have been out of work for seven month. Now I just have to get back into work mood, going to have to figure out my new workout schedule, podcasting, visiting with friends and family and everyday up keep around the house.  I'm excited to start this new adventure at MTV and see what the future holds for me.

But until then I'm going to enjoy these final few stress-free days...

1 comment:

  1. Many congrats for the well-earned step forward Kenny. I'm sure you'll hit the ground running and will eventually balance out work and social commitments :)