Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tonight's "Podbombed"

Tonight I went to listen to my buddy Sean Becker on a podcast that he was being interviewed on. They do there podcast live and have listener interaction via the chat window on ustream... which is pretty cool. Anyways I get in there about an hour into the show and hear Sean talking.. but he wasn't alone Guild uber fan Dani and Brett Sheridan (Mr. Wiggly from Guild) was also in the chat being interviewed... next thing I know the host Chris sees me in the chat room and asks if I want to join in. Of course I'm not going to say no as it sounded like they were having lots of fun. So for the next hour and half we chatted about everything, old tech, Guild, conventions and so much more.. it was totally crazy and fun. Before we got off the line Sean said something about being "Podbombed", in reference to folks who jump into other people pictures (photo bombed)..thus coining a new phrase.. so Dani, Brett and I "Podbombed" Sean on Tech Barbarians Podcast.

The podcast isn't up just yet.. but should be up in a few days... You can check out the show here

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