Monday, November 22, 2010

SDCC FAIL!!! 2nd time

Today I got up at 5:45am to purchase some San Diego Comic Con tickets. These are not for me as I get a Professional tickets but are for my brother and friends. So I got up early and jumped online, at 6am I clicked on the site and got and error, again and again I clicked on the site and got error after error.

Suddenly Twitter went crazy as everyone was having issues. It was like deja vu as this is the same thing that happened on Nov. 1st when they tried to sale tickets last time. So I tried and tired for over an hour with no luck. at 7am I had to get outside to workout so I took my mini netbook out with me and continue to try while working out with no success. I got back from working out and tried some more but this time there were tweeter folks saying that they got their tickets finally.. it looks like, at least for some of us, that we were able to get tickets.. then suddenly SDCC closed tickets sales once again stating that they will try again at a later date. So everyone who didn't get a ticketed wasted 2 and a half hours.

So a second attempted FAILED, you'd think they would have this process down since they have been doing this for so many years..  I know the con is more popular then it's ever been.. but what was the point of them going down for three weeks to "fix/find a solution" to the problem and then have the same issue all over again.

I actually wrote my contact with the "Pro" department at Comic Con and asked what the deal is with Professional passes as we use to get 1 for us, then 1 free one for a guest and the option to buy 4 more at regular price. Well I heard back and it looks like they have limited those passes as well. As I pro I will get one for me and if I sign up as soon as they announce pro reg. I will more then likely get one free one for my guest and be able to buy 2 more at regular price.. so I'll be able to get 4 total. But again nothing is set in stone other then me getting 1 pass for myself. 

There has to be a better system!!!


  1. What a mess! Who are these yahoos? More and more it seems the con has turned into a steaming pile.

  2. Just blogged a similar post, really annoying. At least I didn't have to get up at 6am for this..

  3. At least it wasn't an early morning start for me but I wasted 2.5 hours when I should have been working. If they postpone it until the week of 4th to 12th then I probably won't get a ticket. I'm going to be out of the country and don't know when or if I'll have net access.