Tuesday, March 22, 2011

100 Facts About Me 1 - 20

There is a new hashtag going around Twitter and I thought I would participate in it. You tweet 100 facts about yourself. I thought it would be tough but it's really not that hard.. of course I've only done 20 so far.. that's a far cry from 100. Figure it will take me a week or so to tweet all 100.. here are my first 20.

1. I'll be 41 years old come September.
2. I've broken two bones so far... .my right arm (fell off monkey bars) and left wrist (rolled down a hill with an ATV)
3. I currently have 2 tattoos, Hogwarts crest on my left shoulder & R2D2 on my right calf, with plans to get 3 more
4. When I was younger I wanted to be a veterinarian.
5. I struggled with being gay and didn't come out of the closet until I was 27 years old.
6. My favorite type of music is Country Music.
7. I am extremely shy & quiet (on the verge of socially awkward) in person
8. Favorite color is Green
9. I don't cuss.. EVER!!!
10. I've been collecting action figures for 34 years.
11. I've always wanted a biological child of my own. There is still hope of have one
12. My hair has been purple, red, orange, black, blond and it's natural brown.
13. My very first geeky convention that I attended was in LA for the series Alien Nation, 2 days of awesomeness.
14. I was Donny and Marie Osmond's personal assistant back in the summer 97
15. I graduated from California State University Fullerton w/ a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication - TV/Radio/Film
16. I don't drink (once a year maybe), never smoked, never done drugs of any kind.
17. Saved my brother from drowning when he was 3 and I was 8
18. I'm a Hopeless Romantic
19. I love singing along with the radio while driving in the car
20. Because of Jaws I'm still afraid to go into deep water / ocean

Stay tuned.. I'll be tweeting more facts about me.

1 comment:

  1. Was hoping you would make a blog post after you stopped at #10 on twitter :)

    I'm right with you on 4,7,8,20, and 66% of 16 :)

    I've also been scarred by Jaws, I was in the water on a sailing trip in the Mediterranean 3 years ago, could not see the bottom, just the water getting darker and darker with distance. All the way to pitch black about 100 feet away.

    I'm wearing a diving mask, and is just below the surface, and suddenly something touches my leg. I've been looking out for sharks the entire time, jaws fresh in memory, and then I anxiously turn around and a huge monster of a fish looks right at me with a particularly menacing look.

    I'm scared silly and barely make it back up on the boat. The fish must have been at least a good 4-5 inches.